Friday 8/12/11- Growth..

Friday 8/12/11- Growth..

It’s what 90% of big choppers are hoping for right? I am no exception. I’m trying to be patient, I mean. No need NOT being patient. Won’t make it grow any faster. It’ll just frustrate the hell outta YOU! So.. Be patient. But there’s nothing wrong with daydreaming of the day your hair is long and awesome. (It’s already pretty awesome NOW! Just gonna get BETTER!)

My current “problem” is my hair is just too damn GIRLY! I know right? I can’t make up my mind!! When I was locked, and BEFORE that I had a problem not “looking” feminine enough. Not “feeling” feminine. Well.. Now my hair is pretty girly. I mean when I was wearing my young boy style (Thanks for the name DH! LoL!) it was kinda fitting, then again if left to my own devices, I’d just put gel in and make it stick up funky and GO! BUT.. In the spirit of compromise.. I part it and stick two Bobbie pins in. And DAMN if it don’t just look so cute.. Too cute for my tomboyish personality!! I mean 98% of people say they like it. So it’s not public opinion. It’s just me. My own neuroses. LoL! I am a neurotic person. :p. SO.. I can’t wait for it to grow longer. So I can do spiky twist outs. And BAA’s. You know.. On my more “funky” days. :p

On a “cute” note one day after applying my gel and doing a quick fluff, I had a lil “chullun” Afro. (children’s for those not from the south. LoL!) I looked like SOMEbody’s lil kid! I may try to do it as a style on purpose one day so I’ll have to cuss DH out right quick. He HATES that tomboy side! He don’t want a “priss” but. I guess I start making him think he’s with a dude! LoL! I remember once, he actually, during an argument, yelled “You ain’t no damn thug! You a WOMAN!” It tickled me so bad the argument was over cause I had to laugh.

Anyway, enough of that. The point is we all want growth for one reason or another. Some may feel short hair isn’t feminine ENOUGH! So.. Yeah.

So how to get growth? A good diet. Plenty of water. Good moisture/protein balance. Lots of love and care. You can take vitamins, I think a good multi is good for your health in general. You can TRY hair growth vitamins and oils and stuff, but I’m really not a believer. I mean it can’t HURT, but I’m not a true believer.

Well that’s all for today. It’s Friday. The weekend, baby! Well, after this SHIFT! :p

Jen 😀


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