Thursday 8/11/11- So You Hate Natural Hair.

Thursday 8/11/11- So You Hate Natural Hair.

Often in the natural hair community you’ll get an uproar about some (usually washed up) celebrity who hates natural hair, dark skinned women, or SOMETHING controversial. And YES it pisses me off! But I have to think. Who the HELL is this person and why should I give two shakes of a pigeon’s ASS what they like or don’t like?! I think the most recent was Method Man (who?) saying he hates natural hair. He doesn’t like “no peasy Afro.” Did it make me mad? A little. But I had to think. Method Man isn’t a role model for young girls, he’s not popular enough to be a role model for young men, and.. His hay day was like ’94. WHO CARES WHAT METHOD MAN LIKES?!!

Nikki Manaj made the natural “news” saying “them nappy head hoes need a perminator.” This made me kinda mad. Because young girls MAY look up to her. And if our natural hair is often called “nappy”. That makes our natural hair uncool.. And “bad”. So, not only will they never embrace who they are, they’ll tease any young girl who may wanna go natural. Teasing is very effective. Even as a semi confident adult, even NOW, if I hear snickering.. I INSTANTLY drop my head! Because I figure they MUST be laughing at ME!! I was teased mercilessly as a child and a teen. It hurts. It hurts a long time. Of course as an adult, I don’t keep my head down. I’ll even look around sometimes!! Damn if I’mma keep my head down! But it’s hard. So I can imagine how hard it is on a teen girl. I KNOW how hard it is. And to have a celebrity backing that ignorance just makes it TOO easy.

What can we do? Well, teach your daughters that our hair is beautiful and has so many textures. Our skin has many beautiful shades. That black is beautiful. No matter the shade. We’re all beautiful. Indian, Asian, European, not just African or African American- we’re all beautiful creations. BUT!! My main concern is US!! We are often viewed as LESS. I wanna work to change that. Uplift MY race. Until then, I don’t have time to uplift anybody else. LoL! That’s on them. Teach them that a man’s word is not the damn gospel!! Just because a man tells you “You need to perm that shit.” doesn’t mean you have to do it. Slide that asshole to the left, and you’ll see 5 more who don’t care what you do with it and at least 2 who are out right in LOVE with natural chicks. 🙂 Suddenly that one idiot seems like a big ass waste of time doesn’t he? Easy? Not really. That one will likely be the one you zeroed in on. But it is WORTH it. You’ll be happier. And that’s always worth it. 🙂


Jen 😀


2 thoughts on “Thursday 8/11/11- So You Hate Natural Hair.

  1. I never heard on Nikki Manaj saying that. But I can’t say I’m surprised. As far as girls looking up to her, I think children shouldn’t be taught to put people on pedestals. Just b/c someone is a celeb doesn’t make them a good person, or incapable of making bad choices, or stop them from being prejudiced.
    Anyway good post. I myself am currently struggling with being natural so this hits home.

    • Honestly I had heard some of her work through the whole Young Money group, and didn’t know it was her! Honestly I have no interest in her on her own. In one of her songs, I think the song is called “Did it On ‘Em” And one of the lines goes “Those nappy headed hoes need a perminator” Others in the natural hair community brought it to my attention. I never heard the song nor would I have if that weren’t the case. I’m really not a fan. BUT I think she got some sort of Teen award or was on the Teen choice awards or something, and that means teens are listening to her. And we don’t really teach our kids to exactly soar above the influence when it really counts or for the right things these days. So yeah, the media is raising our kids. (Not mine.. I’m not so blessed to have any, so when I see people not even ATTEMPTING to raise their kids.. It kinda makes me mad.) It’s a little easier to be natural now, since there are more naturals out there, and it’s more mainstream now.. STILL, when you have that kind of ignorance bombarding our youth daily.. It’s not good.

      Anyway, I’m off my soap box! LoL! I hope you have much success and stick with it. It really is worth it. Natural hair is versitile and beautiful. 🙂


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