Tuesday 8/9/11- DAMN IT MAN!!

Tuesday- DAMN IT MAN!!

Not really. But yeah.. I am trying to be very patient. Rebel is beautiful and thick.. But I am so ready.. For BIG hair!! LoL! Don’t get me wrong! I have seen tremendous growth since I cut my hair. I am very happy with Rebel…

But let’s face it. Anyone who loves big hair.. You are in a hurry to get that big hair. 🙂 I am enjoying my short hair. It’s different.. I’ve had REALLY long hair for YEARS! And loc don’t take much “doing”. Just spritz, oil and GO! Man, this shit gotta be refreshed, and gelled, COMBED (though only once a week.) and.. It’s different. LoL! I’ll just say that much. Fortunately, I LOVE taking care of it. I’ve learned that Rebel will do what she wanna do. (Thank you locs! You learn that REAL early when you’re locking!) So.. When she acts up, I know to just let her be- or cover her ass up with my trusty bonnet. Hell she prolly just tired of everyone looking at her and touching her all the damn time. LoL! I get like that some times too! She usually feels better in a day or so.

Dang, outta time already.


Jen 😀


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