Monday 8/8/11- And it Begins..

Monday 8/8/11- And it Begins..


I don’t know what’s wrong with it!! It looks dirty!! It’s not! I JUST washed it Saturday! Doesnt help that I had to do it in the car, so I probably went heavy on the gel. I’m thinking about just tossing my now CLEAN bonnet on and calling it a day. I think that’s what I’mma do. Just do a puff and put my bonnet on. It doesn’t really look BAD. just.. Not quite right… And I’m pretty sure there are like globs of gel in the back. So, I’m gonna do a puff.. And cover it up. Tomorrow, I’ll get up early, (boooo!!) And co-wash and just begin again. Damn! Rebel is so friggin’ sometimeded!! :p

Well this is just a short post. Not much to say plus it’s time to hit the clock in a few. So.


Jen 😀


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