Breaking The Addiction…

To GEL!! LoL!! I keep saying I want to use less gel, like use it for styling once, then just refresh the style. Maybe put some in like every 3 days or on day 3 or 4.. So I washed with DH’s shampoo (I think Rebel DOES secretly like shampoo!! I used White Rain Green Apple. Actually it’s a mix. there’s White Rain, Suave Naturals, I think some Pantene Ice Shine.. It’s mixed all up. I wanted to eliminate bottles in my bathroom. LoL! Anyway, when I rinsed the shampoo out, my hair was actually SOFT.. A bit frizzy, but it always is.. But SOFT! Who knew?), Deep conditioned, (Aussie Moist of course. Just put it in, detangle, cover with a plastic cap.) Rinsed, towel dried. I actually used a Tee shirt.. And I really didn’t see a BIG difference.. It as a little less frizzy. But nothing special. Since I don’t tousle my hair with the towel I just wrap it.. There wouldn’t really be much of a difference. Applied more Aussie Moist as a leave in. I stopped using Vo5  for this because it has protein and it doesn’t absorb into my hair well. Aussie is thicker, but my hair DRINKS it up. So I think that’s better for Rebel than something sitting on top. I think I’ll use my Vo5 for cowashes. I sealed with Coconut oil. This time I left the APOM Moisturizing Lotion out. It makes my hair hard too. It was working a bit, but now it just does nothing. So it’s off my HG list for good unless it really pulls something out before I run out. DH’s hair doesn’t even like it. And he’s like a 3b, but he’s also low porosity like I am, so maybe it just doesn’t absorb properly. Anyway, it’s OUT. 

  Next I just rubbed Long Aid all over my head. Like a moisturizer. Just rubbed a good amount in. Then I started to shingle with my Smooth n Shine. Just slathering it on and combing it through each section..  When I was done, I shook my head to separate the curls, (I hate this part. It gives me a MAJOR headache!) And let it air dry. Now I’m not against blow drying. BUT I don’t have one. LoL! I don’t really see a need for it. I use to have one, but I had something spill on some carpet at my old home, and used it to dry the spill…. It didn’t work after that.. Think it was like one for about 4 hours… Probably burned out.. It was cheap anyway. Like $10.. I will buy one at some point, but I’m in no hurry.


When I was done.. My hair actually looked really good.. I mean.. It was wonderful. But the real test was what would it look like after I SLEEP on it. 


  I actually have to… HAVE to baggy at night or my hair will be so DRY. So I did this and slipped my little bonnet on top of that. When I woke up, my curls were smooshed, but still there.. I spritzed with my refresher spray (water, Aussie, oil), and fluffed… The curls were awesome, but it looked ASHY.. So I thought… GREASE! Well, not grease.. But coconut oil. I applied that and my hair perked up! It got shiny- or as shiny as it gets, soft.. REALLY soft!! It’s STILL soft hours later. A little greasy, but soft and pretty…




  I think I am addicted to curl activators!! I think it’s mental.. I feel like my hair won’t be curly if I don’t use more gel. and to a certain extent, that’s true. My hair gets frizzy and.. I don’t know.. More fro-ish with out gel. And that’s great if you’re going for that. But I’ve been really feeling my CURLS lately.  But I need to find new ways to moisturize. New ways to wear my hair. Not just always gelling the CRAP out of it! It’s like a person who’s use to flat ironing their hair all the time.. If it’s not flat ironed.. They feel.. A WAY about it… I mean, you love it.. But it’s not what you’re use to.


  For now, I like the way my hair came out, but I don’t think I’m ready to break my Long Aid addiction.. LoL!


Jen 😀


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