Why do I keep trying this???

I keep trying to make this Smooth n Shine work for my hair and it’s always the same result. Great curls, on DAY ONE.. Then just a dry frizzy hot mess.. But I have tried it again. The stuff SMELLS awesome. I love it..  It’s like.. Berries maybe? I just smells really good I know that. It was cheap, and seemed it would work. With a hold of MAXIMUM you’d think it would hold your curls in place.. But the last several times I’ve used it, nothing! But I have to use it up.. I want to try Ecostyler next. Will it be better? Probably not.. My hair just doesn’t do much with gel. I use to try to slick my hair with gel, but it never really slicked down.


Now my curls are really poppin’ for the most part, RIGHT NOW.. I’m not sure if it will last, but I know I have to protect it and actually BAGGY though that defeats the purpose of using gel. Maybe… I don’t know.. I have to perfect my flaxseed gel recipe. And to add insult to injury.. I have a little BALD SPOT on the top of my head.. I mean.. You can’t see it. I do have a lot of hair and it’s really dense.. But it makes my bobbie pins slack in the front.. It looks great to others who love my natural hair, but sucks to me. CAUSE I KNOW I HAVE A BALD SPOT IN MY HEAD!! LoL! Wonder if Jamaican Castor oil would help me out. I’ve heard it helps people grow their edges back. I’m not sure what caused the spot. Maybe the weight of my super long locs. Or stress… Malnutrition? I don’t know. Maybe I need to start taking my vitamins again. I don’t know. My mom had some baldness when she did wash her hair. (Bad advice from stylists.) I’ve been cowashing.. Maybe that’s what’s happening.. Just in case, I’ve started shampooing again. I may need a different shampoo, as the one I’m using is DH’s and it’s kinda cheap and drying. Still it cleans and Rebel actually looks BETTER for it. Maybe I can’t cowash. Not exclusively. Maybe I NEED to shampoo once a week to keep my scalp healthy. Who knows.. The body is weird.


Anyway, I guess I’m done for a second. There will be more to come. I’m just running really late. DH will be home soon and I have started no food or anything.. No it’s not 1940, but hell I gotta eat too!! LoL! So until later..




Jen 😀


2 thoughts on “Why do I keep trying this???

  1. Hi, i wanted u 2 know my experience so I copied a review I made May 5th, 2013 on amazon.

    Every time i used eco olive–whether just on my edges, an entire wash and go, or mixing it with oils or conditioners– It thinned my hair. I ended up with 3 bald spots in the middle of my head, and it made my edges thin. I kept using it b/c i was in denial, but ultimately it broke my hair.

    It was strange b/c i never saw hair fall out on my bed or in my brush, but then i would see the thinning, like it disintegrated my hair or something. I don’t know how long it’s gonna take for the nickle sized spot near my edges to fill in, but it’s already been a year.

    I want to be able to slick down my edges, I don’t really care much about curl definition, but i can’t even do that. It also made my hair crunchy when i used it and stiff. No matter if i used small amounts or more, or mixed it w/ oil or conditioner, it’s garbage. I’ve got tight 4b hair that gets more loose toward the nape of my neck, btw. I’m gonna try using the blue eco hold level 5 and hopefully that works

    Update: 6/1/13
    After buying the blue medium hold gel, I’ve come to realize that the hardness of the hold has nothing to do with the bald spots. This solidified what already knew from my results w/ layering and mixing the eco styler w/ oils and conditioners.

    When it came to function, The blue eco was alright– gave shine, definition, and it also gave me more Hair Loss. I had thinning on my edges, and a piece of hair near that nickle sized bald spot that still hasn’t gone away have shortened to half the size. I hate this brand of gel. I’ve never had any problems with balding until using this. I wouldn’t even recommend it to someone I hate.

    I gave the green one away to my cousin b/c I just wanted it far away from me ages ago. She’s telling me that the product has started thinning her hair as well. My hair follicles are damaged, the bald spot is completely smooth bare. It hasn’t grown back since I noticed it a year ago, and even the blue one now has caused me problems. I am very frustrated with this product. Hopefully I can grow my curls back.

    I’m not sure what it is about this gel; it’s supposed to be all natural, so I don’t know what the problem is. Is it the excessive amount of protein? W/ the eco blue, My hair wasn’t hard or tangled, and I no longer comb or brush my hair. I go in the shower, and let the water detangle while I smooth sections of hair w/ my fingers, and it get perfectly detangled.

    So there’s no logical reason to me what could be causing the breakage. Maybe my hair just hates whatever is in this product. I hope someone can investigate the effects of excessive protein. My hair wasn’t particularly dry, it was pretty moisturized, and soft.

    I’ve used flax seed gel, and another type of protein gel before that didn’t claim to be “all natural” but also didn’t leave me a naked spot on my head. And I’ve had natural hair for 6 years. Ah well, someone w/ this issue has to speak up about this so they can know they aren’t the only one.

    Beware, pen spring tight 4b/ 4c curly girls, be vigilant and as soon as you notice your hair thinning, drop the product, it only gets worse.

    • I did end up buying the Eco. So far I haven’t had any issues yet. The clear, actually all of them except the one you mentioned (blue) have an EXTREME amount of protein in them. Which is why I’m not sure why my hair likes it as it hates all other protein.

      As you said, thinning hair is a dead give away to leave a product alone. I had to leave Dove shampoo alone because of this. I recently started using Aussie again, and it works this time, no thinning so I guess it was soley the Dove doing the damage.

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