Wednesday 8/3/11-Day 4 hair..

Wednesday 8/3/11-Day 4 hair..

Not really feelin’ it. LoL! I mean there’s nothing WRONG with it.. It’s just… “old” I guess is the word for it. I guess I need to rinse it out mid week for real. It’s such a hassle though. Because it takes SO MUCH PRODUCT to get back “right”. And my time is limited through the week. I’m usually running late, so I just don’t have time to “do” my hair. So that’s why I like all week hair. I guess I could rinse it out tonight and get the product in it. Then tomorrow it’ll be ready. I may try that. Because right now my hair is stuck together!! I mean, not MATTED, but just like… SUPER clumped. Like the sides are clumped and the poof is clumped.. It’s not “blending” right. I mean it looks decent, but I can tell it needs some work. Y’all know how that works. LoL.

And it’s almost hair shopping time!! I can’t wait! LoL! I don’t even know what to get! DH is urging me to stop messin’ around with Wally World and just go to Sally’s. Now I REALLY can’t wait. That’s like taking a rock-head to “Crackland”. LoL! I know I’m gonna go nuts.. Then he gonna be pissed, but. Well. LoL!

Oh, and it’s frohawk time! I plan to buy some combs when I go for pinning up the sides and. Oh yes… I’m ready for that to happen, let’s make all that happen! I wonder how will that go over with DH? He’s pretty conservative when it comes to hair. Maybe he won’t see it as a frohawk, but just as my hair being pinned back on the sides. I won’t call it a frohawk in front of him. AGAIN, y’all know how we do. :p

Well, I guess that’s it for today. I’mma practice that frohawk (stop saying frohawk!!) with Bobbie pins. LoL! I’m TOO ready! 😀


Jen 😀


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