Tuesday 8/2/11- FINALLY!!

Tuesday 8/2/11- FINALLY!!

The fabled 2-day hair!! I has it!! I think. Apparently Sunday and yesterday I used SO much Long Aid, it lasted an extra day!! This has NEVER in the two months I’ve been loose. I always have to reapply! In fact, I didn’t even put any in last night. I just wet my hair good and baggied. My hair feels soft and looks nice. Hopefully the back isn’t BUSTED! I didn’t even have time to check!! But hopefully the front makes up for the back. :p Damn. I sound like a chick with a flat butt, but an EXCELLENT rack. :p

ANYWAY!! I brought my Long Aid along just incase. I’d rather have it and not need it than NEED it and not have it. I need to put a hair bag in the car for travel hair emergencies. Honestly, natural or not that is a great idea. I’m gonna put one together. A little spritz, small jar of Long Aid, a head band.. Stuff like that. A kit should contain a spray bottle of water or spritz, a holy grail/ staple product, a hair tie/head band, and a comb/pick if you don’t normally carry one. This kit is for emergencies. Just a lil something something to keep you from looking a hot mess on the go. (Rain, running late, impromptu activities that ruin your ‘do, etc..) a puff can really save the day! You may not typically like puffs, but a puff is better than looking a hot damn mess the rest of the day! LoL!

The comments you’ll get when you go natural. I’ll tell ya. Most people like my new shorter, loose do- but the comments are just… Ok, example. Yesterday, for some reason these two guys were talking about me- why, I don’t know- and it came up that I didn’t have dreads anymore. Well, they asked me why I cut my hair. And being tired of people asking me that, I was like “because I WANTED to, and why y’all so damn worried bout it!” well, they told me I looked better with them. Not that I look bad, but. And then I started tuning them out because these are not my MEN! LoL! Then the other one goes “They were sexy on you.” Then he wanted to see the new hair- like it’s not the same hair just done different. He later saw it and said it was cute too. Called me a cutie pie, tryna kiss up. :p

Then one dumb ass said “You goin’ natural now?” I’ve been “natural” for 6 years. I was just LOCKED! The rest weren’t dumb asses, they just phrased the question wrong. My friend said I was looking like Jill Scott. LoL! I knew it was coming sooner or later from somebody. :p No issue. Jill Scott is a beautiful woman. That dude though.. I just plain don’t much care for him- then again neither does anyone else. He’s a little slow in the head. You know the type? Slow “pimp” wannabe. He’s just annoying. So.. I ignore him and avoid him when I can.

Most people like the do and say it’s cute. SO, if you’re still hiding that beautiful hair.. Take the chance. Wear it out one day. You’ll get more positive reactions than you expect. 🙂 And if you get haters, tell them I SAID, “Fuck her, fuck him, and fuck THEM!” If you don’t curse, say “God bless ’em.” LoL!

Well I guess that’s all for now.


Jen 😀


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