Thursday 8/4/11- Frohawk?

Thursday 8/4/11- Frohawk?

How bout NOhawk!! LoL! Being very excited about my frohawk yesterday, I decided to pull my hair into a Mohawk shape… Chile….. My face looked like full moon in a clear SKY! LoL! So.. DH lucked out this time. For a MOMENT!! I’mma do it. Just not right now.

I’ll wait until my hair gets longer and go for FULL shock value!! So maybe in a year or so. For now, my 2 bobbies and variations on that is good enough.

I STILL didn’t rinse or co-wash today. Instead, I wet my hair down with my hands and slightly finger combed before applying Long Aid. It seems to have worked pretty good. Rebel looks better. Not as “wrongly” clumped. I mean, it’s not as good as 1st day hair, but it’s still pretty good. I think it’ll last until the weekend.

Funny thought.. I know lots of women are afraid short natural hair will make them look like a boy or that it isn’t feminine and men feed this negative thought. Well, I’m here to tell you it absolutely is feminine!! TOO feminine!! LoL! Sometimes I feel TOO soft with this do. Like it’s so frilly and unicornily girly that I can’t really pull it off!! My locs were feminine, but with just enough “hardness”. Like me. :p But THIS curly stuff. I feel weird sometimes. I love it, don’t get me wrong. The issue is with ME not my hair. I actually “style” it because DH hated the “young boy” cut. I actually LIKED the angles and the
“def-ness” of it. :p I could see the fro it would become! Just like with my locs. When I first started them, they were just little matted up BALLS, but in them I could see beautiful majestic locs!! Like a sculptor sees the sculpture inside the marble- not just a piece of rock. That’s how I see my hair. So, in that “boy” cut I see a big, fierce, AWESOME fro. I did it with locs, and this is the same hair that did it. :p

Well, I’ve rambled long enough for today. :p I’ll rant more tomorrow. 😀


Jen 😀


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