Monday 8/1/11- FUNKY!!

Monday 8/1/11- FUNKY!!

I feel funky today- in a GOOD way!! I WANT Rebel to spike up crazy in the front. LoL! Not all over of course. I’m not that flamboyant OR laid back. But I got like this rooster comb thing goin’ on in the front, and I must say.. I’m feelin’ it. πŸ™‚ I’ll try to snap a photo if I don’t forget.

I can’t wait til my hair is longer. I am gonna fro this sucker out SO big one day for work! LoL! I’m setting that goal for the week after my Vacation next year. Maybe May 21st would be better. One year loose. What a great way to celebrate! With a BIG honkin’ fro. πŸ™‚ LoL! I am trying to be patient. But I can still DREAM of the day, right? :p

I went to Target this Sunday and I went STRAIGHT to the hair isle!! Got to TOUCH all the products I see online. My PJ’ism was in overdrive!!! Which brings me to my Insult of the Week!! And they are getting.. Well.. Less insult-y.

I was looking at Miss Jessie’s display. And just talking about it. I wasn’t even seriously thinking of buying it. As I said it’s the product I “least” want to try. I mean if I got it as a gift I’d use it, and appreciate it. BUT, at those prices I’m in NO hurry to buy then try. Anyway.. I was talking about it. And he goes. Yeah, but that girl join the picture has “mixed” hair. As to say.. My hair is too nappy for that product to work. Or, like I assume it will make my hair look like the girl on the display. Now.. Y’all know, that is so not me. I don’t TRY to “make” my hair look like anyone else’s hair. That is so… LAME! but it was interesting. So I let him elaborate. I said “What that?” you know how we say it. :p So he made sure I knew the girl in the picture was mixed- with mixed hair. Looser textured. Like his daughter’s. WHICH they RELAXED!!

I’m like, “So why y’all permed her hair then if it was so ‘good’. Y’all were some hair SNOBS!” Then he went into how it was just so thick and yada, yada, bullshit. I’m like… Thick is good! After a life time of perms, it ain’t thick no more! I ain’t hating. It’s just that since we got together it’s been how his daughter was so pretty, so smart, her hair was SOOOOO curly and thick, and just so much BRAGGING! I have to hit him back sometimes. But I didn’t go overboard. I just let it die. But I can’t STAND people who get tied up in the my hair better than yours, your hair better than hers bullshit. It is really getting on my nerves! LoL!

Well, I started late, so I gotta wrap it up. Later.


Jen πŸ˜€


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