Friday 8/5/11- Curls HOOOOO!!!!

Friday 8/5/11- Curls HOOOOO!!!!

And on SIX DAY HAIR!!!

How is this possible? Honestly? I really don’t know. LoL! I did what I usually do- wet my hair with just wet hands. Kind of applying the water like product all through out my hair. I stopped using my spray bottle for this because I’d be spraying and spraying and my hair STILL wouldn’t be wet enough! When I was locked, all they needed was a little spritz and they were good to go! Well, now every strand has to get it’s moisture, not just the outer layer like with locs.. SO, I just use the faucet and my hands.

Anyway, them I put Long Aid in. Now, maybe I did it differently or something. I kinda focused on the ends more. SCRUNCHING the product in. Now at first I looked like a greasy wet rat- the preverbal “all is lost” moment. No time to wash or rinse AND reapply product!! Then I shook my head to loosen the curls up.. Not loosen.. SEPARATE the curls. And POP! Rebel was curly and started HANGING in the front!! NO ASSISTANCE! I was like girl you a trip! LoL!

Even now the curls are still there. And looking pretty cute. I think it was the combo of applying the gel to the ends of my hair and shaking PLUS the scrunching that gave me such awesome results. Hopefully I can recreate this look all the time. But as all curlies know, that is like asking your boss if you can sit home and watch tv all day- but still get paid. It’s really not likely. COULD happen! But not friggin’ likely. LoL! It’s pretty much a crap shoot for new curlies. And though I’ve been natural for 6 years, I’ve only had loose natural hair for 2 months. So I’m still learning. And all that shaking. Rebel is short so.. It feels like my brain is bouncing around in my skull trying to shake her out!! I mean I get DIZZY doing it!! HEADACHE!! But my hair looks awesome. I guess beauty hurts. :p Maybe when my hair is longer, shaking won’t hurt so much.

Well, I guess that’s all for now. I gotta get this last day over with for the week. It’s FRIIIIIDAY!! LoL!


Jen 😀


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