Shampoo… Does Rebel Secretly LIKE it?

OK, so last week I shampooed with my sulfate free, oil ladened shampoo.  My hair looked better, but this week, it still felt kinda icky.. So I decided to go guns blazing and shampooed with a SULFATE shampoo. I used White Rain mixed with Suave Naturals Tropical coconut shampoo. (I have  SOOOOO much White Rain shampoo because DH loves it so I bought like a box of 6 about 3 years ago. Needless to say we still have plenty.) There were no oils in it, but I just let that lather work. I scrubbed my scalp and actually stroked my hair a bit to break down any funky stuff that might be in my  strands. I mean I didn’t SCRUB the dickens out of it, but I did get the shampoo into my hair. I rinsed it out.. I was shocked.. It didn’t feel stripped. It felt CLEAN, but not stripped. Afterwards.. My hair was soft.. REALLY soft. I almost felt like I didn’t need CONDITIONER.. Of course I DID condition for several hours under a plastic cap. When I washed it out, my hair was like BUTTER… Then to add MORE, I put a little Aussie in as a leave in, A little APOM Moisturizing Lotion, I sealed with coconut oil, and decided to load up with Long Aid….


Now.. My hair is short right now.. But I’m going to have  to buy Long Aid by the TRUCK LOAD once it grows. LoL!!


  Anyway, I decided to load my hair with it.. Initially I was going to just moisturize with it and load my hair with Smooth n Shine.. You know give it a nice shingle with it. Just to give it another chance, after last weeks flop. Well, more of a YAY!!! Awwww… Situation.. I think Eco Styler will be a  good product to try next. I wanted to try it with Shea Moisture, but I don’t think that product is for me, with all the protein and all. Pity.. Sounded promising.. Anyway, loaded with Long Aid, after a SULFATE SHAMPOO and deep condition for I think maybe…. 4 hours..


Rebel…. Is…. GORGEOUS!! I mean the curls are poppin’ and everything.. She’s about 85% dry right now and my hair is still soft and defined. There is NO HOLD.. Most curl activators have no hold. Just lots of definition and moisture. Shine.. No hold.. I’d love some hold and a product that makes my hair look like this, but not be tacky or wet… But for now, with my TWA I guess it will work. 🙂 At least until it STOPS working. LoL! All yall know how that works. What works today, may not work tomorrow. So I GUESS I should enjoy it while it works, Right?


  OK,  as I’ve been telling you guys I’ve started wearing my hair out at work, and I haven’t gotten any real insults. Most of the black people actually LIKE my hair. That fact surprised me to DEATH! One of the reasons I didn’t feel like showing my hair off at work was the “fear” of ridicule.. And all that negativity was just something I just didn’t feel up to. BUT after years of telling people they should flaunt their natural hair and be fierce and bold with it.. But I wasn’t doing that. So I just took the plunge and I’m glad I did… Everything’s going great….


And in come the Asian woman… LoL! I hate to put it like that, but that’s what happened… There is this Philippino woman, actually there are 2. One married to a black man, and the one married to a white guy.. This is the one married to a white guy… ANYWAY…  She notices me talking to a friend of mine in the hallway and he was all up in my hair and she comes out and she’s like “Jennifer, you cut your hair?” I’m like “Yeah. About 2 months ago.” And she didn’t really say anything.. But she had this look on her face like… “Why? Why would you want THAT hair..” Or… Just.. This frown of.. Terrified, confusion on her face that was like.. Honestly I just looked at her.. Anyway my friend was like “Girl touch it.” And she was like “Uh Uh…” Just… I just laughted at her ass. I’m like well DAMN.. We just shook our heads and kept going. It really wasn’t an… “Insult” per se… But she’s really into long hair, as she has very long hair and is always swinging it about.. And she wasn’t against the locs… Maybe it is just the SHORT that she didn’t like.. Because she didn’t say it was nappy or nothing.. Just.. It was more disapproval.. And I think it was.. I don’t know.. Though she works with all black people.. I don’t think she really knows much about us.. And I doubt she’s EVER seen a black person’s natural hair- especially a woman’s… I hate cultural differences..


  So.. Do I feel bad about my hair now that I don’t have Oriental approval? Chile PLEASE! I don’t care what that trick thinks about me or anyone else really.. I don’t want to be publicly ridiculed anymore than anyone else. BUT these people don’t RULE me.. And by these people, i don’t mean Asians, I mean PEOPLE on Earth.. I’d still be natural if they all hated it.. Maybe I’d cover it up more, but I’d still keep it natural and eventually I’d still just start wearing it out.. Maybe I’d have waited til it was longer.. I don’t know..


Anyway, I think DH is getting use to it too. Since I started wearing it out at work, and haven’t come home in TEARS yet.. Maybe he’s seeing that other people accept it or at least deal with it… And he may feel he’s been wrong. I don’t know.. Maybe he’ s just taking time to think of my Insult of the Week. I still gotta get it.. I’ll probably get it tomorrow if he’s off work. :p Plus I think he likes it’s GROWING!! He said it wouldn’t, but it is.. so… Yay.. 😀


Well, that’s it for now.




Jen 😀


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