Friday- 7/29/11 Good Hair. Thaaanks?

Friday- Good Hair. Thaaanks?

So, Rebel was totally free yesterday. As usual I was a little nervous. But the reception was pretty good. Most people said it was “cute”. My friend suggested I get it shaped up, but I’m not trying to preserve this style, I’m trying to grow it out. But I guess working with the growth wouldn’t be a bad idea.

Anyway. Along with the many complements I received, I got the I guess supposedly TOP complement that black people “want” to get.

“You have that “good” hair.”

We’re still on that tip? Well, this is the south. Personally I don’t think I have hair any better than anyone else’s. It’s just hair. It just MY hair. And it pisses me off just like every one else’s hair pisses them off at times. But for the most part I’m happy with Rebel. But it’s not because she’s “better” than other hair types. It’s because she looks good on me.. Naturally. πŸ™‚

The other thing I got a lot of was it was “ok” for me to go natural because I had a good “grade” of hair.. But not everyone could. Because their hair would be too nappy. Now that was shocking. Well, not really “SHOCKING” but.. You know, it just makes you feel a “way” every time you hear it out loud. I always say, yes everyone can go natural!! 4c does not mean “RELAXER, PLEASE?” Just like 3a doesn’t mean “Perfect hair FOREVER!” People do not believe me. At best they’ll agree- but say THEY can’t. I guess everyone gets there when they get there. You can’t MAKE a person accept themselves or any one else for that matter. I have EONS to go before I reach spiritual enlightenment. BUT as far as hair, I’m pretty close. I am a hair snob. I am a little biased towards AfroCurls (Duh?) But I do love.. Hell, I love ALL hair! Thick and straight, bouncy and curled, Springy and coily curls. LOVE it! But my favorite is the tight curls. I guess since that’s what I have. I am the #1 fan of Afro hair. πŸ˜€

This baffles the best of ’em. DH has NO idea why I picked that type to love- mine included!! I think he’s getting use to my hair now. I think the turning point was when I got the first complement when he assumed everyone would hate it. It was like that with my locs. Plus he sees it’s growing out a little. You know what, I honestly think he assumed our type of hair didn’t grow. Wow.. I’m fighting stereotypes even at home. SMH!

I know, I know. Where are the product reviews? The routine talk. I’mma give y’all some as soon as I get some new stuff. Right now it’s just Long Aid and water. At night I’ve been baggying. It’s been working pretty well. πŸ™‚

But now I gotta go. πŸ™‚


Jen πŸ˜€


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