Thursday 7/28/11- Rebel UNLEASHED!!

Thursday 7/28/11- Rebel UNLEASHED!!

I finally wore my hair out with a band at work yesterday!! I won’t lie.. I was NERVOUS!! I didn’t know if I would have to curse someone out or out right beat me an ass!! As I said, this is not a “natural friendly” environment. So.. But I was tired of preaching about being proud of your hair when I was essentially HIDING mine away!!

And most people actually liked it.. Or paid no real attention to it. Today I’m going “full Monty” with it.. No head band, just Rebel and two Bobbie pins. It’s in a cute style, but I’m preparing for WAR in this bitch!!

I did get one disappointed that I cut my locs. I kinda snapped on her, because honestly she gets on my nerves. She asks you a question & never understands what the fuck you tell her. I’m like BITCH!! Just.. BYE!!

And there was the inevitable “nappy” comment. This guy with locs said “Straightening comb!” when I was fluffing my hair out. I told him to kiss my ass and that was over. He was HALF kidding. But it went better than I thought it would. I even had two people say it was pretty. 🙂 So yeah, I’m pretty happy.

I was half expecting everyone to stop, start pointing and laughing when I walked in the door. If that had happened… I think even with my thick skin, I would have played it off laughing, but I would have cried in the bathroom! I DO have feelings and they DO get hurt! So.. I’m glad that didn’t happen! LoL!

Then again… After the pain.. I’d probably get stupid with it.. I’d pick Rebel out REEEEAL big, take advantage of my “young boy” cut.. Make it very exaggerated. BIG!! And bust up in this bitch like “WHAT!” REAL gangsta! LoL! I’m probably gonna do that at some point anyway. :p

The only thing I DIDN’T like was I had keep FLUFFING because the hairnets SQUISH it down. Wouldn’t stay BIG! I like BIG hair!! But I guess she’s just a little wig right now. LoL! I’ll be glad when she is FULL grown in this form. And I HOPE I don’t get like I was when I was relaxed. I was always CUTTING my hair!! It was uneven, or I just felt like it!! Scissors were always in my head! ALWAYS!!! So I gotta fight that urge…. Especially since my cut is growing out.. And it looks a little weird. The temptation gets strong!! But I’m gonna let my lil Rebel grow into a full fledged rebellion!!! LoL! A damn holy WAR of a FRO!! LoL!

Too much? Maybe. But I ain’t takin’ it back. :p

Well, that’s my time.


Jen :p


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