Wednesday 7/27/11- She’s Filling Out Nicely!

Wednesday 7/27/11- She’s Filling Out Nicely!

I am loving my natural hair!! She’s getting so full and thick!! I just love it all! I picked out/cut my locs May 21st, so that was just 2 months ago and Rebel is already much fuller and well rounded. πŸ™‚

I notice I’m getting more comfortable “handling” my hair. You know, we curlies are always scared to touch our hair at first because it seems everyone is talking about “disrupting the curl pattern” or breaking your hair. At first I wouldn’t DARE even finger comb my hair when applying daily product. For fear of disrupting my “curl pattern” making frizz. And I don’t know what else!! But now I’m getting where I’ll at least rake daily product through, detangle WELL when conditioning, and will even comb Rebel out damp with Long Aid to wear a fro. Oh yes.. We are getting PRIMAL in this bitch!! OK not really, but I am handling my hair a bit “rougher”. Well, not rougher.. More aggressively. Why? Well.. Honestly I think Rebel, like me, does not respond to babying. I think she’s a little thuggish. LoL! She likes to be handled like a GROWN ass “woman”! :p Next…. Other than a TYPHOON… I don’t think anything can disturb my curl pattern. My hair “type” is curly. It IS curly. I don’t have to MAKE it curly. It already is. So, yes, if I took a rat tail comb and combed my hair pretty much dry… I’d have a non-curly fro. But me finger raking product through my hair? If anything it will ENHANCE the curls, and make my hair nice and chunky and just great. πŸ™‚

So don’t be afraid of your hair!! Stroke it!! Rake it!! Hell, even COMB it!! (in moderation, never dry, and with a WIDE tooth comb!!) Your hair is part of your body- dare I even say.. A sponge for energy!! Maybe. – you won’t do anything to hurt it!! Like you may exfoliate your skin. That’s “aggressive”. BUT.. you wouldn’t do it with a power sander… See? You know what to do & not to do to you.

Now I’m not saying 1a-3c’s have nothing to fear as far as frizz so they should just go comb with WILD abandon. I don’t have any experience with those hair types. Nor am I saying well type 4 (my type) hair is so tough and tough you can just handle it all rough and tough. I’m saying if you just did your big chop or JUST accepting your curls if you were already natural, you may be pussy-footing with your hair. Babying it so much, you can’t style it. I can’t tell you to GO for it. But in time you will. And I’m saying don’t be scared. GO FOR THAT STROKE!! :p

Ok.. I done ran all out, so I guess I’ll end this post. Besides I gotta get ready for work. More to come…



Jen πŸ˜€


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