Tuesday 7/26/11- And the Next Day..

Tuesday 7/26/11- And the Next Day..

Is always better. šŸ™‚ Last night, with nothing to lose, I decided to SLATHER Rebel in Long Aid!! I mean, I dampened my hair, and just SLATHERED it with gel. The curls immediately started to pop. I spritzed some water over that and covered with a plastic cap.

Today when I woke up, the curls were STILL popping, but the sides looked a little dry so I put MORE gel in it. Now you’d think Rebel would be a greasy hot mess, but not at all!! She’s chunky and curly and looks pretty nice. šŸ™‚ Apparently this heffa is GREEDY!! LoL!

Now, I know this is gonna backfire if I do this EVERY day and night. But I think maybe once a week would help. I don’t think I’ll ever find a product that does what gel does for my hair. šŸ˜¦ But as you PJ’s out there know that won’t stop me from looking!! :p

Girl!! Why do people have to be so SHOCKED by natural hair?!! This dude I work with just passed my car and just HAD to comment that I have a new hair do! I’m like “Yeah”. I THINK he thought I had a weave before, because he said I must not be feeling it today. Like I didn’t take the time to “do my hair today. Then he was like “come as you are I guess.” I just rolled my window up. He is an older guy, so I don’t expect no better from him. Plus I know his wife and niece. Both perm & weave princesses. So, I imagine a short natural do would be as foreign to him as escargot would be to me. I’ve HEARD of it, but never had it- or WANTED to!! LoL!

Ams this is one of the reasons I keep it covered here. It’s like… I love it. It’s beautiful. But I get tired of fighting ign’ance all the time. I mean, I fight for natural hair and our right to have it in all forms. But.. When you are just the minority you can’t WIN! you’re not gonna change their minds.. No matter what you say, they’ll still INSIST you need a perm or at least a good hard press. Or a wig. And they have decades of people who agree. And feed that mentality. So, when I go out, I flaunt Rebel. While I’m in my car I flaunt Rebel. But when I go into this wasps nest of FOOLS.. I put my bonnet on. It’s easier than arguing with dumb asses about something that’s none of their business anyway!! Save myself that headache. They pick at people with flamboyant hair styles RELAXED!! Honestly these are like some of the biggest ugliest children you’ll ever meet!! (They’re not ALL UGLY ugly. But I mean they’re adults, so they’re not cute like kids- but they ACT like kids. Kind of like when I say “These are not MEN. Just ugly women!” Means I don’t care how cute they are, women are more beautiful than men- but the men are acting like BITCHES right now!!)

But I can push that issue all my life and probably get nowhere. Which is why I discuss hair only with like minded people. šŸ™‚

Well, that’s all for today. Unfortunately I have to go to work.


Jen šŸ˜€


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