Monday 7/25/11- Not ANOTHER ONE!!

Monday 7/25/11- Not ANOTHER ONE!!

Damn, looks like I’mma have a bad hair day every WEEK!! Bobbie pins were made by the gods! They make any bad hair day better. πŸ™‚ LoL! Anyway, the experiment was a failure of epic proportions!! Well, not EPIC, but a failure. It was great for that first day. But it still only lasted one day. Still I’ll chalk it up to research. I see I get MAD definition with gels, so my next one will be Ecostyler. IF I can FIND it!! I haven’t seen it in Walmart oddly enough. Seems like a product they’d carry. I guess I’ll have to check Sally’s. I saw the crystal in some store. I think Publix. I started to get it, but I haven’t heard many good things about that one. I wanna try the blue. Hell, I wanna try them ALL!! But I’ve heard good things about the blue, olive oil, and argon oil. So those are on my must try list. I WOULD try Kinky Curly, but I just don’t see myself spending $60 on a hair system. If it was just the custard you had to buy, maybe I could suck it up and buy it. BUT you can’t use nothing with it but their stuff and.. It’s just too pushy and too damn expensive for my taste. SO, I’mma try Ecostyler and keep experimenting with my flax seed gel. I’m sure there are other cheaper products that will give me what I want. Hell, I think that Long Aid and Smooth n Shine showed out. It just didn’t LAST. If I did that process right before I had to be somewhere, I’d have AWESOME hair THAT DAY. The only complaint I have with it is it didn’t give me another day.

I don’t even know why I’m worried about multi day hair anyway. My routine is so damn simple it’s ridiculous. I mean, I wet my hands, put the water on my hair, apply Long Aid and just mess with it until it looks pretty good. And done!! My hair takes less than 10 minutes!! BUT I know that once it grows out it won’t be that easy. SO I need to know which products will give me that hold so all I’ll have to do is do it maybe Sunday and it’ll last at least till Wednesday. Actually, I got a long hair plan. TWISTS. LoL! I think I’ll be sporting lots of twists. Wash n Go on the weekends maybe. I don’t know. Ponytails? I’ll find something quick. BUT multi day hair would be awesome. πŸ™‚

I know I’m boring the crap outta y’all. Sorry. Everyday of the journey can’t be exciting. LoL! I mean, it IS, but not always on “paper”. Like, every bad hair day is a breakthrough! I know I can’t do such in such to Rebel. Or she didn’t like this or that. Good hair days are research. Fascinating!! She loves that product/method.

And when the SAME product gives DIFFERENT results.. Well, it’s just the most curious thing ever!!

But telling some one about it.. They are like “OH my GOD! Who.. The… Fuck…. CARES!!” So.. Yeah. :p

Well, that’s my time Kitties.


Jen πŸ˜€


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