I decided to use a gel with hold. I love Long Aid, but it is so wet and the curls are only a one day thing. I guess If I baggie my hair will still be moist and curly, but I found out the hard way that I HAVE  to apply more product. I can’t just go. There was no such thing as multi day hair really because I had to reapply the Long Aid and be sticky everyday!!!

  So I decided to give my Smooth n Shine one more try. And I must say, my curls were popping!! I layered it on top of- Actually I changed my leave in to Aussie Moist. My Vo5 was just not working like it should and I just said screw it! If Aussie is too heavy I’ll just rinse it out. It was PERFECT! From now on Aussie is my co-washer, deep conditioner, detangler, AND leave in!! It is really a miracle product!! For me anyway.. Anyway, I shingled Long Aid and Smooth n Shine Gellations styling gel through my hair in pretty small sections. I didn’t worry about rewetting except where it had gotten BONE dry. And the curls were beautiful. My hair actually had movement. Though it was my bad because I wear my hair more fro like than bob like and after shingling it was just a hot mess of a STYLE, but the curls were awesome. Next time I’ll “place” my hair likeI want it to be in the end… Anyway, i took pictures but they don’t do it justice!! It was PURTY!

OK, so multi day hair, right? Ummm… Not exactly… I decided that baggying would put too much water in the curls and they’d fall out… So I slept in my satin bonnet… And when I woke up… DESERT dry hair!! Curls were more waves.. But not those beautiful beach waves everyone clammers about.. Just… Frizzy, dry, dull hair.. The same as if I don’t baggy with Long Aid.. Boo!!

There was no crunch, so that was good. And I think the style would have been actually MORE preserved if I HAD baggied! Plus the moisture would have off set some of that wheat protein in BOTH products. Next time I’m going for blue label Long Aid and try to find a protein free/light styling gel.. But this gave me a little hope for hold type gels. Like Eco Styler. Which mean as soon as I can get around some, I’m SURELY buying! LoL!

As for my quest for multi day hair… I’m not sure it there is such a thing for Rebel. Maybe she just has to be arranged on a daily basis to be happy. I don’t know. Then what IS multi day hair exactly? In my opinion Multi day hair is just that. I wash today, and I really don’t have to do anything to it for MULTIPLE days.. Just fluff and go! MAYBE around day 3 you’d have to apply something to refresh.. MAYBE!! I think I’ll have more multi day luck when Rebel is longer and can be pinned up instead of just rollin’ in a bonnet all night.

Well, this was a short post. I just wanted to let yall know that even though this blog has become a little Afrocentric and Freedom Figher-esque, it’s still the blog of a Naturalista and she is still on a quest for great LONG LASTING hair.. Hmm.. Maybe I should post a holy grail list.. I think I will. Why not? It’s short but might help someone.. 😀

Later Chickadees..

Jen 😀


2 thoughts on “Hold….

  1. Hello, saw you first on CurlyNikki and clicked your link to see how your long-aid less is more journey is going. I am seriously at product overload. So far how is that simple process working for you? Any advice you can give would be great.


    It’s going pretty good. It does seem to work better on it’s own. The best advice is to start using less, then add as and if you need to. I have to start getting the one with the blue label because the green has a lot of protein, and I’m protein sensitive.

  2. So far it’s going pretty good. I’ve been using almost just Long Aid and my hair loves it. I’ve cut back on the leave ins.. Well, actually I ended up changing leave ins. I was using Vo5 as my leave in conditioner, but it never really would soak into my hair. So I just on a whim used my Aussie as a leave in and my hair has been happy every since! Now, I DO use a lot… A LOT of Long Aid on my hair whichy is why I have to start buying the protein free version. (Blue label.) My hair EATS Long Aid! LoL! I can only imagine how many jars I’ll go through once my hair gets longer.

    good luck with your journey.. 🙂

    Jen 😀

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