Friday 7/22/11- Natural UNnatural?

Friday 7/22/11- Natural UNnatural?

I was just on and there was a young lady stating that she was getting called names since her big chop. And for the most part, black folks had all the damn jokes. And she was surprised at that.

I was less so. For some reason being natural is a foreign thing to 90% of black people. We were all born natural, but as soon as our hair starts showing any texture, it gets burned and covered. Our parents- people who supposedly love us- do all they can to make sure no one knows your hair isn’t straight or loosely curled. Maybe they call that love.. Cause God FORBID people know you’re ACTUALLY black.. Yeah.. That was a BIG side eye.

I was “fortunate”. My mom didn’t perm my hair at 2. I was about 11. Maybe 9- 12. I forget exactly how old I was, but I actually begged for the relaxer!! Why? Got tired of smellin’ like grandma all the damn time from the straightening comb. I wish I’d never talked her into it. My hair would be so full and awesome right now. Then again, I just cut locs right? So maybe not. LoL! Still. Wish I’d stayed natural. Then again. I guess it served it’s purpose. I appreciate my natural hair now. Don’t think I would be as in awe if I’d always been natural. So… Yay relaxers???

Anyway. As far as short hair, I get so much “Why did you cut your hair?” I guess that’s a valid question. I cut it because it was time. Plain and simple. I wonder what they wanted me to say? I hated my locs? I got tired of them? I don’t know what they want. Maybe they are just wondering how, when we strive to grow our hair long, would I CUT off 28″ of hair?!! Well.. It was just time. And I love the short ‘do. And if I’d permed it I don’t think I’d get as much curiosity. Or “jokes”. There are so many women with short styles- but permed and they don’t get a second look. I see women with hair so dry and damaged but relaxed and no one says a WORD. But a Sista with a short, full HEALTHY head of hair gets flack. I don’t like it and I am VERY verbal about it!!

Now, to be fair I most people get that I’m not the type to go permed up/weaved up. Not sure what that says about what they think of me. But I’m hoping they see me as that “Indy” chick. But they’re not familiar with the term “Indy”. :p Some, seem.. Dare I say… “proud” that I’m staying natural- but they still act like it’s something EXTREMELY unorthodox. Unnatural. WEIRD!! Just a my “type” thing. Personally, I think I have just as much right to sport my natural hair as any other race. So… What’s the big deal?

I DO like that natural hair DEFINITELY gets attention compared to relaxed or processed hair. I love so many things about natural hair and curly hair in general. I know it sounds like I’m biased against looser curls. Not true! I love all curls, waves, even naturally straight healthy hair!! BUT my FOCUS is on AfroCurls. Simply very few people share my love of that hair type. So I think we need a #1 fan. And that fan is ME. :p So I focus on this type and the issues facing those of us with this hair type. Hopefully there will come a day when our hair is nothing “strange”. It will be as normal as anyone else’s. But today ain’t that day. SO our hair is my focus. 🙂

Well Freedom Fighter Kittens, that’s all for today.

Keep it curly. 🙂

Jen 😀


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