Thursday 7/21/11- What is Expected

Thursday 7/21/11- What is Expected

Yesterday I said I had my blog post for today. And I do. 🙂

It kind of touches on DH’s insult of the week. And his wondering what I was expecting all these products to do for my hair. Honestly I just want the products to make my hair look nice. Define my natural curls and MAYBE last more than one day! By that I mean I won’t have to apply more to get my results the next day. I know that’s asking a lot of a product. 🙂 But that’s what I want. Just spritz, add a little moisturizer and go! To be fair, that’s pretty much all I do ANYWAY! I just wet my hair a bit and apply my Long Aid… BUT.. Long Aid is wet and it “dries” sticky. Even if you don’t over do it, it still feels real producty. And it’s supposed to feel that way as it was designed for the Jheri curl that was supposed to be wet and never dry out. It’s great stuff and really keeps your hair moisturized. Plus it’s not stiff or hard or weird. So it’s definitely a keeper. But I still like to try other things incase there’s something as good or BETTER out there. So that’s what I “expect”. For the products to make my hair the best it can be.

But still I have wondered even before DH said a word. What do other naturals “expect” products to do? I’m always on the boards and YouTube and it seems lots of people are expecting products to make it better. Male their hair like “hers”. Make curls. Loosen their curls. And it kinda reminds me of permie mentality. Now, that’s not the insult it use to be coming from me. Just means that they want the products to “change” their hair. It’s usually the newbies that have this attitude. They don’t really “know” their hair yet, and hear all the rave reviews about this or that product and see the pictures. Sista gal is a 3b and they’re a 4b. And they expect that product to make their hair look like Sista gal’s hair. And outside chemicals, no product can do that.

Now that’s not saying every natural that buys products is looking for that or is not loving their texture. Once they settle down and really fall in love, they look for products to make their hair look good. Not “different”. I just love taking care of my hair. TOUCHING it!! LOOKING at it!! I wish natural hair was more beloved. It deserves to be celebrated. One day maybe. 🙂

I hope this post wasn’t taken the wrong way. To recap!! This is probably not about you!! You are probably a well adjusted natural who may or may not be a product junkie (I KNOW I am!!) and not trying to alter your texture. If you ARE trying to alter your texture with products, good luck with that! I wish you the best of luck! If nothing works, you can texturize or textlax (relax, but for a short time some leave the relaxer in for less than 5 minutes.) I hope you’ll give your natural hair a chance, but you do have options. 🙂

Honestly, I don’t care to change my texture, but I’m not flawless either. I’ve gone through the paces too. When I was younger I wanted silky hair. And that lasted a LONG time. The reason I’m so comfortable with my hair now is I’ve had 6 years to get use to my own hair. Granted I was locked all that time. Well, I STILL hoped my curls would be kind of loose. (I know. I’m shaking my head at myself. Giving myself the damn side eye!) And… It is in some spots! But these are AfroCurls through and through! And that’s good!! I stress.. THATS A GOOD THING! 😀

As time is passing, I’m noticing my curls are looser in the back than the front. Weird, cause I thought the “kitchen” was supposed to be the rough stuff. Actually I think my rough spot is in the top of my head. I guess my kitchen is in the living room. :p

And hang in there, Newbies! Your hair is FULL of surprises!! Some might be a little disappointing. (My hair is a little thin in the very top. Not sure if this is from the weight of my locs or alopecia! I hope it’s the weight of the locs! Or better yet, I’m just being paranoid! LoL!) But most will be wonderful! (Your curls are beautiful and defined all on their own, or your hair is feathery soft. My curls are magnificent! Feathery soft? Ummm, NO… I mean it’s not like sandpaper, but there’s a stiffness to it. That would be that high protein/low porosity thing at work.) I’d advise any new natural to give it a year. If after that year you’re not in love, do what you gotta do. But I’m pretty sure it won’t even take that long for you to fall.

Well, I guess I’ve rambled long enough.

Ciao, Kittens.

Jen 😀


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