Wednesday 7/20/11- Kinks?

Wednesday 7/20/11- Kinks?

I have this app on my iPhone called “Curls on the Go” by It’s their humidity report and a general product directory- it’s like a mobile CurlMart app. Anyway. It let’s you select your location- or it can just auto locate your position with GPS. And you select your hair type. Ok. I’m like “cool.”

Then I notice that it always says “Frizzy curls” which is normal. I’m in Alabama in the summer. It is VERY humid here, so if your hair is the type to frizz and you hate that.. Oh well. TS I guess. :p

But then, I notice when you get to 4a hair. It doesn’t say “Frizzy curls” any more. Now, is this because 4a hair does no frizz? No.. Still says “frizzy” just fine. But not “curls”.

It says “Frizzy KINKS”.

Now.. Some people will be like “Well we have Kinky Curls. What’s the issue?” I don’t like it. I’m sorry. So then they’d be all like “You don’t like who you are?!” Oh, I’m damn fine with the hair I was given.. The ISSUE, my young naive friend is the way they say it is like… Our curls aren’t curls at all. They are just kinks. And I take issue with that. If your hair loops, it’s CURLY! Plain and simple. But my curls are not worthy to be listed along with the looser curls?

Ok, then let’s wonder why they didn’t use OUR go to word. “Coils”. I mean, it’s in the lil description box. It says Kinky Coily. That’s my “type”. 3c is Kinky “curly”. Now… They took the “curly” part of that. Why would they take the “kink” part for the 4’s?

Maybe they think that’s how we feel about it. And that “kinks” is not offensive at all. Hell, you got lil white boys and girls sayin’ “That’s my nigga.” And not thinking anything is wrong because we say it. Men can call us bitches because we call each other bitches. Right? HELL no! Ok, those are extremes, but you get my drift.

I put “kinky” right along with “nappy”. Some people are fine with it, some people are offended by it. I am kind of offended by it because it implies that there is something “wrong” with our hair. That it’s not “normal”. When I look at a natural head of hair, I’m not thinking it needs to be altered, or mine is better, or WOW she’s NATURAL!!! I mean obviously I notice she’s natural- but I don’t feel it’s not NORMAL. I don’t feel “weird” that my hair is natural. Or that it’s not 3b hair with silky flowing curls… I just think of it as MY hair. It’s not above or below anyone else’s. And I really don’t appreciate anyone trying to tell me that what it is or is not. So honestly, they may think “frizzy kinks” was cute. But.. I’m not “awww-ing”.

Now. Does this mean their app is doomed to deletion and a 1 star rating? No.. The app is actually a nice little app. But I voiced my opinion to them about this. Will they change it? Probably not. I’m sure I’m the only person who suggested they change that “kinks” to coils or curls. But I let em know. And that’s better than doing nothing. I realize caters more to types 3c and looser. And a 4 ANYTHING is lucky to even find much there. (I still look though. That Hot Buttered Curls set keeps calling my name!! LoL!)

And then you gotta wonder what we are trying to have DONE anyway?! I think I have my next blog post in that question. 🙂


Jen 😀


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