Monday 7/18/11- It Happens

Monday 7/18/11- It Happens.

The dreaded bad hair day. Rebel just couldn’t get right! Saturday, she was FLAWLESS! I guess that was HER day 1, but for me that was just wash day!! I didn’t go anywhere, and I washed out the conditioner at 9:30 at NIGHT!! SO, on my mind day one was Sunday!! Sunday, she was OK. Not as awesome as Saturday, but pretty good. I put some bobbies in and made my go to style. It was all good.

Then…. There was today. My day 2, HER day 3 apparently.. I took my baggy off and she was a little shrunken.. Nothing REALLY odd. She was a little more drawn up than normal.. But it’s natural hair. It shrinks. So I showered and all. When I started to try to fluff her out… She wasn’t hearing it!! I wet her and was like well, I’m running late anyway, so I’ll put my gel on last minute and fluff her then.

WELL!! even after my NORMAL routine. Miss Rebel wants to move as a WHOLE, instead of individual curls. Like she was just MATTED, but she ain’t matted!! She just… STUBBORN as hell! And as I said she grows UP instead of down, so… She just… STUBBORN as hell!!

Like me.. :p

Anyway, I thought I wasn’t gonna get my insult for the week!! Well I got it Saturday. That was close!! LoL! OK.. I was PLANNING to buy some hair products. Shea Moisture Smoothie, Ecostyler, Feather Whipped Curl Cream, blue label Long Aid all from Walgreens online. Free shipping, just $26!! Well, I messed around and told him I hadn’t ordered my stuff yet because I was debating the Shea Moisture because of the protein in it. BUT it seems like it would be really nourishing and would be good under the Ecostyler.

He says “What?! Hair stuff? {lots of bitch-esque lip smacking} What you think? That shit gonna make your hair any different than it is?!”

As if to say, I’m unhappy with my texture and these products will change it. AND also as if to say my “texture” is beyond hope, so I should just give up and throw on a wig or a quick weave or SOMETHING to just cover it up.

Well, I quickly made it clear that my hair doesn’t NEED to be “changed”. These are just hair care products. I love my texture. I love my hair. Well, I guess he got the point and since I can see the back of my head now AND my hair is growing out pretty good in the back he can’t really convince me that my hair is ugly. Or maybe even if it IS ugly, he sees to me it’s not. So why harp on it? At least he’s that smart. ๐Ÿ™‚ BUT fortunately not too smart to give me my weekly insult, as it has become part of my blog. :p

Well I guess that’s it for now.

Later Curly Cuties.

Jen ๐Ÿ˜€


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