You just acquired a magic wand. What will you use it for?

I thought this was a nice thing to play with. It was just here on wordpress for me to click. :p


A magic wand… I’d go back in time and NOT chop my locs off in the back- AND I’d magically undo them, because there was no way in HELL I was going through another ALL DAY picking session. LoL!

I’d make my hair LOOOOOOONG… Or not..  I’m not sure.. I am curious as to how Rebel will look longer. I mean, long and natural AND well taken care of.. Not like it was as a child where all my mom knew to do to it was  press it. It was washed, greased, and pressed before it was even DRY! LoL.. So.. Yeah.. I’d like to see her all nice and long.. 🙂


Oh and this is a MAGIC wand and not just a hair wand… Girl, I’d pay my bills off, get me a house, and chill the HELL out! I wouldn’t even make myself rich. Just pay off the bills.. With no bills, why do I need to be rich? I have a job. I’m not greedy.. But that would make life so much EASIER. All I’d have are my utilities. Oh happy day! :p


I’d make DH love natural hair as much as I do… I’d make him respect all curls as equals. I’d make him love me for me..


I’d make the world get along.. YES! MAKE them get along. Cause askin’ them sure as hell doesn’t work. Just make them at worst agree to disagree. and leave it alone.


I’d love to have a magic wand… It would be just so… USEFUL!! LoL!


Jen 😀


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