Wednesday 7/13/11- The Looking Glass

Wednesday 7/13/11- The Looking Glass

I finally got a pick AND a hand mirror. Which means now I can see the back of my head at last!!

And I’ve noticed some…. Things…

Firstly, I have a really…. REALLY!!!! Big head… But I knew this. Secondly.. I have a LONG hairline. U mean.. My WHOLE big head… Is HAIR!!! Guess I should be happy to have so much hair. And I am.. And I’ve known all this since I was 12. ๐Ÿ™‚

Thirdly.. (Y’all liking all these “ly”s? ๐Ÿ˜€ ) My hair is rounding out. It’s not as flat in the back anymore. It’s not even as flat after a night of sleeping on it all night. That REALLY made me happy!! Cause if it’s not so bad packed and undone. It’s better after it’s done…

Which brings me to FOURTHLY!! (:p) I can officially hold my head up in PUBLIC!! I don’t have to be worried I look like a FREAK from behind!! And DH can’t pull that “It looks so ugly” shit on me anymore!! Because I can ACTUALLY SEE THE BACK NOW!! I got me a BIG ass mirror too. Make SURE I can see. LoL! So now, when it’s ACTUALLY busted, I can handle that. :p

I have this buddy at work who’s locked and keeps saying “I’m too mad at you” for cutting my hair. I’m like… “why?” and ultimately. “SO?”. I really do not care. People get these hair idols and they act like they OWN the person’s hair!! I have hair idols too. DenimPixie, Taren916, CynthiaRT- I think that’s her YouTube name! BUT I got sense enough to know their hair is THEIRS not mine! And if they cut it (Taren did cut hers and it’s uber cute!) that’s their business! They are still beautiful women and I STILL love their hair!! Don’t get it twisted I’ve not always been as sensible as I am now. I use to act like dreads can’t be cut. And “You ain’t no real dread if you cut it off” and “bullshit blahdy blah, boo hoo” But I realize. It may not be just hair. Don’t be stupid. It’s a part of your body. Yo’ arm ain’t just an arm is it? BUT. It is mine or yours. And you do what you want with it. Everybody just needs to friggin’ chill the FRAG out!

Well, that’s my time. See ya later Gucci Gals. :p

Jen ๐Ÿ˜€


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