Thursday 7/14/11- Hang…

Thursday 7/14/11- Hang…

A common question among naturals- especially “black” naturals- is “when will my hair start to hang?” Usually meaning hang on it’s own. I wonder that at times. With locs, they would hang with a little wetting and coaxing after 6 months. They were roughly chin length. However you know locs retain all the hair so they’re HEAVIER than loose hair. Which means the weight will make them hang. It took them about the first year for them to just hang on their own. Or once they were shoulder length. Like Brushing my shoulders.

But my loose hair is not as heavy. In fact.. It’s EXCESSIVELY light. And with very thick, stiff, CURLY strands… It ain’t bending easy!! When I was relaxed- and you know processed hair is busted down to NOTHING!!- it didn’t hang on it’s own. It took lots of brushing and combing and PRAYING to get it to just lay down!! (There’s a reason I call her Rebel, folks.) So now natural and VEEEEERY curly… My hair will likely never just hang all by itself. I mean, I’ll be able to “finger” it down at some point. With a little water and product I can finger it down NOW in the longer areas. BUT we wanna know when it will hang on it’s own. Like “slick it and forget it” hang. I believe my loose hair would have to be double the length of my locs to even think about just hanging. Maybe even longer. My locs were past my bra band.. So.. That gives you some idea. Then Rebel grows up. The direction up!! Then out… So…. Yeah.

Hair goals. I’d like to have a decent fro by December 21st. That’s 6mos loose. I want to have grown out the whole bad hair cut and have a nice lil’ fro. And by June 21 next year have a full fro. And just let Rebel Get fiercer with each passing year. πŸ™‚ Simple.. No inches. Nothing unrealistic. Just want my lil baby to grow big and healthy. πŸ™‚

And final thoughts. I love I can have the Naturally Curly Frizz Forecast on my iPhone. But I hate… HATE that they wanna call everything 3c or less “curls”.. But once you cut that 4 corner.. KINKS. I’m like what the fuck?!!! So.. My curls are not “good” enough to be classified as “curls”. They gotta be kinks.. Like them bitches fuckin’ up plans and shit. They “kinks”. I like the app, but that kinda rubs me the wrong way right there. Why the separation? Maybe they think that’s how we feel about our curls. I don’t know. Maybe I’m too sensitive.. I think I was a Black Panther in a past life. LoL!


Jen πŸ˜€


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