It’s here again..

   My beloved “wash” day. My favorite day of the week. Saturday.. And I get to get all up in my HAIR!! I get to clean it, and touch it.. Just love it.. I get to watch my hair crushes on YouTube.. It’s just a happy happy day. 😀


  Rebel is growing more and more all the time. Soon I’ll be able to twist the back too. Neat.  I’m not really a wearing twists all the time person.. I mean, I AM.. But I’m fresh out of LOCS!! The last thing I want is to be in “twists” all the time again. LoL! But it’s nice to know that if I want that look for a twist out, maybe by December I’ll be able to do that. Nice.


  I don’t really have much to post. if I think of something I’ll be back. But just.. Spreading the love.. Natural hair love. Pure and simple.. 😀


Jen 😀


2 thoughts on “It’s here again..

    • I LOVE wash day!! I guess because I pretty much still have a TWA. I do notice it takes longer to detangle these days, so I guess it’s growing. I’ve always loved wash day! I’m not a hair do person, but I ENJOY washing and conditioning.. 🙂 Just being up in there.


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