Tuesday 7/12/11- Not sure..

Tuesday 7/12/11- Not sure..

So far my 7/11’s have been “meh” at best. They gave my position to someone else- which means a pay cut (BOO!) BUT it also means I don’t have to stay late anymore and get fussed at. (Yay?) I guess it’s one of those win/lose situations. HOWEVER, it has driven me o do better. I have to get out of this chicken shit. I mean, it’s gotten to the point where each plant is worse and worse and the people are getting to be the worst people you can imagine. The worst part of it all is I’m changing. And not for the better. I feel my spiritual growth is at a stand still and my soul is being CHOKED to death by this place. I feel trapped and just… Run down by this place. There are good things that happen, but as soon as you think things are looking up, some asshole just fucks it all up for you. I urge all the little kiddies out there to please. PLEASE stay in school and actually strive to do better. Because this is not the life you want…. Unless you are one of the asshole, in which case stay the course. πŸ™‚

I got my first compliment yesterday on the new cut. At least I think it was. A girl said it was “cute”. And that I had nice hair. BUT that apparently it’s nice because it doesn’t look “natural”. I kinda understand what she meant, but it was still funny. It’s weird. Most women think they can’t go natural because their hair would look “nappy”. Honestly, I think “nappy” is as outdated as the term “coloured”. And as offensive as “Nigger”. And not because nappy is ugly. It’s because the term is derogatory. It’s saying something is “wrong” with my hair. And darlin’ ain’t SHIT wrong with my hair!! OR YOURS!! beautiful isn’t just one thing. So, I told her that most people’s hair is not as “bad” as they think and that her hair is probably very pretty. Still, she said as long ad they make perms she’d keep getting them. So I left it alone. I think no less of her. I like her. πŸ™‚ She’s cool. πŸ˜€

I look at my hair and wonder what I would have thought of it when I was.. Say.. 15. I gotta go WAYYYY back! LoL! I mean saw it on someone else? I can’t say. I’d be picking at how funny her head is shaped. LoL! I am well aware of the fact that I have a FLAT ass head! I mean… TOTALLY flat! I was gonna elaborate, but it might be offensive to someone. LoL! I ain’t gonna go there, cause I don’t wanna spread stereotypes about races and the way their heads are shaped. :p ANYWAY!! Next time you see SOMEONE with a flat ass head in the back, just know it’s probably kinda like that. :p

As for texture… I was in the mindset of straighter, longer, silkier is better, so where as I may not have went straight to “she need a perm” I probably wpul have hoped I didn’t have “that” under my perm. Sick.. I know. What’s sicker is IT’S MY HAIR!! LoL! And I’m happy with it! And it only took 18 years to fully appreciate it. Yeah.. Gotta give myself the side eye.

Anyway, I guess that’s it for today. It’s about time to go in.

Later, Chickadee’s! πŸ˜€

Jen :p


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