Monday 7/11/11- So far so good.

Monday 7/11/11- So far so good.

Child I just saw “Thriller” up in this bitch! Dude got on some SHINY ass silver pants! LoL! That’s all I could do was LOL!! 😀 I secretly wish I was so flamboyant. Just be FABALUS! (fabulous) But, alas.. I am more low key and toned down. Just don’t have the personality to be fa-bu-LOUS! LoL! I mean I think I’m wild when I wear two shirts that clash with each other TOGETHER. And they don’t even clash that hard! Cause demure ass me only has neutral colours!! No neons.. No pinks… Just damn mute. :p I desperately need some colour in my wardrobe. Oh well.

I woke up looking like a pouf ball because for some reason- and that reason being 80 proof- I decided to COMB my hair out. Before baggying. Why? I don’t KNOW. But I did. I combed my products in. Actually when I took the bag off and fluffed it looked pretty good. If I had more hair in the back, it could have been a good style. A chunky fro. I love the look, but with the way it’s cut, it would have had a “weirdness” that I couldn’t risk. :p I have to get a hand mirror soon so I can see if it’s a bad ‘do or if I’m just being stupid. I also need a pick. But I don’t plan to pick my fro regularly. I’d think all that combing and picking would break too much hair and damage it. But SOMETIMES, if it doesn’t look weird in the back, I may “pick my fro”. 🙂

ALSO!! I have made the EXECUTIVE decision!!!! To not… NOT!!!! Try to even out my hair any further. I QUIT! Why the theatrics? Well Saturday I noticed that after all the careful trimming I had done IT WAS STILL LOPSIDED!! I’m like “Oh COME ON!!!” Now…. The side that WAS all jacked up is now all nice looking side.. All rounded and pretty.. Curly.. SHAPED!! Now the other side is RAGGEDY!! Well not “raggedy”, but just.. NOT as evenly shaped. So I decided Rebel will never grow if I keep SNIPPING at her! So pretty much I just said FINE just BE uneven! And that’s how I decided no more snippy snippy. 😀

I have been thinking about wearing head wraps. Just keep it wrapped up. I learned how to tie a turban and a (simple) African head dress. Now I’d likely look like an ass with a turban on. BUT a regular head wrap I can do. I mean, I can deal with my hair in an awkward stage. I’ve been there with locs and am MORE than up to the task. But there are days when I don’t feel like dealing with DH and his insults. Like some days I can take on the world, but for the days I’m already feeling bad, a head wrap would be nice. And I still love turbans. A white one with red underneath? WHAT?! I’d rock the HELL outta that!! LoL!

Well Kittens, I gotta go in now. Stay well and gorgeous… And fabalus… :p


Jen 😀


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