7/7/11- will it be lucky?

7/7/11- will it be lucky?

Well it’s 7-7-11 and that’s a lot of lucky numbers!! LoL! I’m hoping mine will be (and all of yours WAS) lucky.

On the hair front, it’s almost wash day again and I think Rebel is ready for it. The fro isn’t looking BAD, but it’s taking longer to shape her up. When I woke up today it wasn’t sticky as it normally is, BUT it wasn’t “wet” either. I like it to “wet” when I pop that baggy off! LoL! So I guess I’ll add some Long Aid tonight. I just really feel like it needs to be wet. BUT, I don’t need to add it EVERY night. I guess. LoL!

Yesterday I touched on- well HARPED on my love for “our” hair. And I think I’ll ramble some more on that. (Maybe my blog should be called Ramblin’ Fro. LoL!) I was thinking about DH and his obsession with me “picking out” my fro. At first I was like, well he just doesn’t get this whole “natural hair movement”. But, he was around during the Afro years. The FIRST “natural hair movement”!! But then I got to thinking. Afros were always picked out to nearly a more straight level. No real “texture” to speak of. And the only “textured” fro he saw was on a guy he didn’t care for. Not looking good for Rebel. Well, in HIS eyes anyway. And that got me to thinking. Why is an Afro acceptable in his eyes, but not my “textured” fro. White people embraced the Afro for awhile. Those with “stiffer” textures even sported one on occasion. BUT no one wanted out right “kinky” or “nappy” hair. Hmmm.. Is our hair that “ugly” in our society- human society-? That undesirable? To me? Not even. I think ALL hair can be beautiful if it’s healthy and is YOURS! Now straight hair is kinda boring unless it’s really… REALLY thick. Relaxed hair outside of TV just looks SAD, I’m more into curls. 🙂 BUT.. Not JUST silky satiny curls. I love ’em from silky to wooly.. Hell to STEEL wooly!! LoL! And all my 4cbefgh- whatEVER are included!! I love natural hair.

What the HELL is his friggin’ dealy-o?!! LoL!

I’d love to go on, but it’s time to go IN!! LoL!

Later Goddesses…


Jen 😀


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