Tuesday 7/5/11- Why Wouldn’t it Grow?

Tuesday 7/5/11- Why Wouldn’t it Grow?

I hope you all had a happy 4th. 🙂 Mine was ok. AND I was able to get an insult already! Ok. Ready?

We were at Sam’s and upon leaving, we saw a cashier with either the THICKEST head of hair EVER or (more likely- it really looked stiff and fake. Like one of those “church” wigs one’s granny would wear.) a big wig. It was like the size of her body! LoL!

Well, I said (and honestly meant) “If it is real, that. Is. AWESOME!!” Then I went on to tell him about this lady on YouTube that had hair shaped like mine- BUT was like over a foot thick. I mean, SHRUNKEN!! A foot thick! That girl has some thick GORGEOUS hair! I’ll get her name for y’all next week when I’m on YouTube again.

So I went to joking about it that in a year or two (or FIVE!!) I might need PRAYER! I think I said something along the lines of “You might come home to find my whole ARM trapped in my hair!” LoL, right? And then came this week’s first insult.

“If yours grows. It probably won’t EVER grow!”

Pause…. I had to ask why he thought it would never grow. Don’t remember if he gave a good answer or not.. But I just had to slip in… “Y’all think our hair won’t grow any way.” (He’s like a 3b, old school nig- MAN!! LoL!) Not sure what was said after that… Oh! Yes I do! It gets BETTER!! He went into this speech about who has to put up with my WILD hair and blablabla.. And I said “ME! Seeing as I’m the one who has to walk around with it!” And he’s like “no, cause you’re the one DOING it. That’s something you doing. How would you feel if your lil’ baby was walking around looking all wild and hair sticking up everywhere?! You wouldn’t line that you’d try to fix it’s hair.”

Now I STARTED to ask what he meant by “fix” it’s hair? Just comb it, or RELAX it? Honestly I HOPE my baby has thick, WILD crazy hair! Thick as all get out! Sure I’d put a headband on it or a Bobby pin here or there. BUT all in all I say baby be FREE! Sp honestly he was really barking up the wrong tree! LoL! I LOVE wild crazy hair!! 😀

He’s been getting early starts lately. But what gets me is.. It won’t EVER grow… I just cut off locs that were 24″ long in some spots. This was just a month ago… I know he’s a bit older than me… But he CAN’T have forgotten that fast. If he has, senility is a BITCH! If I recall, he said the locs wouldn’t grow either. So…. Yeah.

I guess in his mind I’ll get a relaxer to “help” it grow. To me.. Relaxed hair looks.. Just sad.. Especially on ME! it never gets straight. And it always looks STIFF and dry. I left a perm on my hair for 3 HOURS one time. And it STILL wasn’t totally straight!! Thank GOD for my low porosity!! Otherwise that stunt would have likely left me BALD! So to me, relaxers are just a waste of time and money. PERIOD!

SO, I’ll dress up my hair. But perming is a no go.

Maybe he thinks “if” it does grow… I’ll just let it stick up. And if it wasn’t for HIM.. I so TOTALLY would!! LoL! That is so totally ME! :p

Well, that’s all for now, Beauties.


Jen :p

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