Thursday 6/30/11- Experiments

Thursday 6/30/11- Experiments.

Well I finally made flaxseed gel. It came out pretty good. I didn’t add any fragrance or anything. Just a quick batch. Well, the problem I had was, I strained it…. In a sock. Yes.. A sock. LoL! I didn’t have any knee highs or cheese cloth or even a strainer. So, a sock seemed like a good idea. Not so much. The sock was too thick for the mix to make it through and.. I don’t consider it a total fail, but it will definitely have to brainstorm about how to get it out of the sock! LoL! And you know I had to slather some on, but on dirty hair, it just piled up on top, so I had to rinse that out. I think it will be a winner on clean hair though, as curls were popping up all over! Can’t wait for Saturday!

I FINALLY tried the KeraCare Twist & Define cream. I was like what do I have to lose? I can always wash it out if I don’t like it. Well, after rinsing the flaxseed gel out, I put my APOM lotion in and sealed, then semi shingled some through, as it says you can use it for shingling for curl definition. Well, when I woke up, I was definitely channeling my inner “Ceily”. My hair was stuck to my head and PACKED!! I was like DAMN! but I was like well, let’s try to refresh it. So I wet it and put more lotion in and it looked a little better. And with a little fluffing it was cute. So I was like, ok let’s try it out for the day!

My hair is SO defined… And SO dry and hard. LoL! I mean, the curls are wonderful, but I hate the feel of it. It feels like straw. As dry and hard as straw. So I guess that’s my sign. KeraCare is great for some, but it is like KRYPTONITE to my hair!! So I have to at least rinse this hot mess out tomorrow. I mean what’s so unbelievable about it is it’s this hard WITH the lotion ON TOP OF IT!! Even if I’d twisted with it… Do you think I’d want my twist out to be this hard and DRY?! LoL! I am thankful for them getting the sample out to me so quickly and FREE!! I’m just saying. For Rebel, it’s not the one. What’s funny is my hair is “greasy”, but still feels dry and hard. But the curls are defined. πŸ˜€ And I’ve grown to like the smell of the product. πŸ™‚

Anyway I guess it’s on to the next product. I wanna try Ecostyler gel, though I’m half expecting similar results. Still, so many like the results and DH’s biggest (current) complaint is I don’t style my hair and it looks like a young guy’s hair maybe that’s enough of an excuse to buy more products. (All an addict needs is an excuse to feed her addiction. LoL!) y’all I am still laughing about that one. I guess I should be happy it looks like a young boy instead of an old man, eh? LoL! I think he also said it looks line some rich woman’s hair cut. A definite step up from the “old lady in the streets”! So I guess we’re moving up as time goes by. :p

I think I’ll make that a weekly (minimum, I’m sure) thing. DH’s insult of the week. At one point these made me wanna cry! Now it’s getting kinda interesting. And more than a little funny. I’m sure for the next six months to a year I’ll get at least one a week. πŸ™‚ Oh and after Rebel grows, there will surely be countless “remembrance” insults. So look forward to them. πŸ™‚

Well, Kittens, that’s all for now. Remember to love your curls and rejoice in your natural beauty. πŸ˜‰


Jen πŸ˜€

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