Friday 7/1/11- Conformity

Friday 7/1/11- Conformity.

Well DH is really on a roll, but running out of material. OK. Today’s complaint/insult is…. The hair is uneven. Now I know this is because I cut it myself to a certain extent. I don’t have a hand mirror, so I can’t pull and pat effectively. BUT with the help of my camera and regular mirror, I HAVE seen my hair and I just do NOT see what the major malfunction is!! It is WORKABLE. I can live with it.

OK. Now I think about it deeper and he keeps wanting me to “pick it out”- which I don’t think is good for curly hair so much- like a regular Afro. He is actually complaining about the curls clumping together!!! The thing we naturals often seek is the thing he doesn’t care for!!

Here’s the issue. Conformity. Curls are rarely the same length or type. Some are a little longer, some are shorter, some tighter, some looser. What this does- especially in a TWA- is makes the hair look uneven. Like there are spot sticking up here and there. If you are the type who gets irked by the spiky, uneven look you can always either trim or just shave it all off and hope it grows back even. Me, I’m really not that person anymore. Since growing my locs, I’ve learned that my hair is a Rebel WITH a cause- cause she fuckin’ WANTS to!! LoL! And there is mo real need in wishing and worrying cause she is gonna do what she wants to do. BUT.. If you just let her do what she do, you’ll end with beautiful truly majestic results. I trust nature to do what’s perfect for itself.

Now Mother Nature did me in too, as I’d just rinsed that KeraCare out and got all my products in and fluffed- then it started pouring down out side and had me looking a hot damn mess. So maybe that was making it look all weird. Then again, he always says it looks bad. But I just don’t see it now. I saw it was weird looking before, but now with the exception of the back being still a LITTLE- very LITTLE- too short. The rest looks FINE! I mean it doesn’t make me really feel bad anymore when he says these things. But I wish I was one of those lucky Sistas with a man who supports their natural hair journey. Oh well. Guess everyone can’t be so lucky.

Well, Beauties, that’s all for now.


Jen 😀


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