Wednesday 6/29/11 Protein OD?

Wednesday 6/29/11 Protein OD?

Well I had to cowash today BECAUSE my hair was a hot ass MESS when I woke up. I did a quick cowash last night with Aussie Moist, then I layered on my products as usual.. Covered with a plastic bag and satin bonnet. When I woke up….. My hair was, obviously, still wet… BUT the products were just GLOBBED on my hair and sitting on top. No matter how much I rubbed or STROKED, it would just sit there! AND to make matters worse, my hair was ROUGH! It was dull and hard. I mean just a hot mess! SO, with just MINUTES to spare, I decided to do a quick rinse & cowash only if necessary… Was necessary!! LoL! So, I decided to try a new mix. I put my Aussie on first THEN I slathered on my Captivating Curls, detangled, let it sit while I showered, then rinsed. I tell ya, my hair was like “PRAISE the Lord!” It was soft and felt SO much better! I put my leave in on and towel dried- YES! TOWEL DRIED! Some products work best on soaking wet hair, but none of mine do! Since it’s such a battle to get product to soak into my hair, the extra water just makes it that much harder! So, the only thing I put in soaking wet is leave in. Everything else goes on DAMP hair. If for some reason I try Kinky Curly, I’ll try the soaking wet thing, otherwise damp is fine.

SO, back to the topic.. I think I am getting a protein overdose by putting a good amount of Long Aid (green) on my hair and covering before bed. At first my hair was like “awesooooome”. Then it was like DISASTER! From what I understand the green had protein, the blue doesn’t. It has hydrolyzed protein. And I think it’s a main ingredient… Wish I’d thought about that before I got stocked up. I WILL keep buying it, but maybe I’ll try the blue label and see if that’s better.

Then a gain maybe it’s PRODUCT overload. I DID just GLOM on the products. (More is better in the mind of a PJ, right?! LoL!) Maybe it was just that. Build up of products. I’ve been sink washing my hair lately. Maybe I wasn’t rinsing well. Or maybe my hair likes being washed more than once a week. There are a million maybes.

It did give me a chance to try the Suave CC again, and it does seem to define curls as it says. So I think I’ve found a staple product! And at under $2 AND has not pissed me off as Pantene has done (REPEATEDLY!!) I think that’s pretty good. Plus there is no sodium hydroxide. (I don’t THINK! I’m not at home I’m at work, so I don’t have the bottle with me to look at! I’ll check when I get home!) They CLAIM it’s just to balance PH, but like the man in the bank with a ski mask on and his hand on a bulge in his pocket, I don’t trust it. He may just be cold… But he looks like a robber to me. Same with sodium hydroxide. It MAY be just balancing PH… But they may be “softening” my curls with an ever so light RELAXER! SO if I can avoid it, why wouldn’t I? And let’s not forget their “curly” line. They show every white face they can find. To make sure my black ass will know, their products are not for my “kind” of hair. Brown people use the brown bottles. White people use the white bottles. Hey, not me doing it, I’m just putting in words what I see. I hope I’m being overly sensitive. But I really think I’m not. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

Well I guess that’s all for today. Be well, and remember to always love your curls! ๐Ÿ˜€

Jen ๐Ÿ˜€


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