Monday 6/27/11- The Center of the Shrubbery Maze

Monday 6/27/11

Damn it’s already Monday!! Oh well. Good to be alive.. πŸ™‚ Well, yesterday I decided to not apply more product after baggying and putting everything on the night before. Well it STARTED awesome!! My hair was WELL moisturized, and I was like “Cool. I’m good to go!”

Well, it was good for about…. An hour. Then it started drying out and just sticking up weird. I didn’t really NOTICE it until, who else BUT, DH mentioned it. We were at the grocery store, and upon exiting, I saw an older gentleman sitting in his car that APPEARED to have the most beautiful curly jet black afro. I was about to say so… Until I got closer. OMG… NOT so much! I don’t know what was going on up in there. It looked like locs, which I would have had no issue with. Freeformed locks are what I had for nearly 6 years & to the untrained eye it looks kinda “rough” for a minute cause you literally have a “loc-fro” for a while.

BUT…. Then I saw all that white shit in it. Like lint, BUT it wasn’t old enough to have lint in it. So I don’t really know what the FUCK was going on up in there honey. But it was pretty bad. ANYWAY! I was told DH about it (Yeah, yeah. Forehead has been slapped for mentioning hair to him.) and he was like “Well right now yours just standing up there. Don’t know if you still cuttin’ the back off, but it’s flat.” I’m thinking “Really? We’re still doing ‘this’ thing? It’s been a month, Negro get OVER it already!!” But I didn’t say it. *pats self on back for not engaging*

And we got to the center of the shrubbery maze so to speak. DH doesn’t like my hair now (after all the trimming and leveling, I’m content with it. I know it will grow back. I BELIEVE it will anyway!) because it looks like a “young boy’s hair cut”. Now this was meant as an insult, but I had to bite my tongue to keep from HOLLERIN’ up in that car. Sure I’m trying to be more feminine, but honestly after years of crying and whining about looking like a man, a hair cut does not make me feel any different about myself as far as that. He said it’s too tall in the front and flat in the back. It looks like a fade. I’m like… That is the description of a fade, but this isn’t a fade as nothing is shaved. He said it was like the red dude in Kid n Play.. That TAAAAAALL fade. He was not making it easy to not laugh. Now y’all seen the pics of my hair. It is not a fade, and it isn’t that tall. Think all this was MEANT to make me cry, not laugh. Oddly enough he made me feel better.. At least it looks DELIBERATE now and not like a horrible NUCLEAR accident! Lie I just have it “cut like that”. So guess that was a fail for the insult assault. Sorry. πŸ™‚ Maybe I SHOULD be more ashamed of myself… Hold my head down… Boo Hoo.. My hair looks like a man’s hair.. Boo Hoo, I’m so fat.. Boo Hoo, I’m so nappy.. But, chile, I just do NOT feel up to that right now! I’m like.. F it gonna grow. Why do I CARE if it’s short for a few months?!! Hell, even a YEAR! Life is just too damn short to worry about how short my hair is right now!!

I offered to cut the top lower to match the back.. He said “Nawwww.” I’m like.. Well shut up then.. :p

Then we dropped it. Started talking about something else. Just like that.

Well that’s all for today. It’s time for work. Gotta get myself together. πŸ™‚

Remember to Love your curls!!!




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