OK, Now it’s Aussie Moist’s Turn..

Remember last wash day, I used Suave Captivating curls conditioner and was all gushing because of the definition and softness and shine I got. Well, I’m not sure if it was a fluke, or just the first time using the conditioner, (with all it’s DIMETHICONE!) or if Aussie gives me just as good results.. But since it didn’t boast curl definition I just never noticed. (It happens.)


OK, I’ve washed out the Aussie, and yes it does make my hair soft and nice and I love it and I will keep buying it as far as I can see… But… BUT… I gotta give it up for the Suave CC.. It really does define my curls better. BUT.. That also leaves more SHRINKAGE! So if you’re totally against shrinkage, The Suave does make your hair kinda draw up, but into beautiful shiny curls. The Aussie lets you keep volume and it’s soft. You have defined curls, but they are really not…. SUPER defined.. They just look like you used really good conditioner, and have been taking care of your hair. 🙂 Then again, nothing on Aussie’s bottle says it will ‘define your curls’.. It just says it will moisturize your hair. And that it does. AND it’s not LADENED with dimethicone, so it’s great for cowashes. The Suave I would think would cause you to have to shampoo more often if you used it too often. And I like to lather up as little as possible. So the Suave will be used less often, and.. I GUESS.. Those results were pretty damned good though…  I might find myself braving it more often! LoL!!

I’ve trimmed my hair some more. And it makes my hair look more well rounded instead of Hair, Hair, Hair- WHOA drop off!!! Yeah.. I didn’t chop it all off, but it is noticably shorter. (At least to me.) Still, I think this will make the grow out more even and makes the over all appearance look more normal. I took some photos and now.. It looks like just a chunky, little fro. so I’m not sure why DH hates it so much.. It’s SO cute to me. In the end, I know that’s all that matters, and I’m a pioneer in this whole “movement”. (I said A PIONEER, not THE pioneer. chill out.) and I shouldn’t care what anyone thinks… But still… It would be nice if he liked my hair. Or anything else about me… Oh well.. To each his/her own I guess.


Anyway, yall know I’m all over the internet looking at this and that, and I keep hearing about Pantene Curly series.. And it was all sounding good, but I was still like.. Ehhh, this is still Pantene.. So I don’t know. Now I’m finding out some of the products have Sodium Hydroxide in them, and people are talking about it’s for PH balance and all that.. But in a hair product.. I just think over time it is gonna straighten my hair, or damage it…  So I figure my decision to stay away from Pantene is a good one… And then I come to the facebook page.. I ACTUALLY clicked “like”.. Why not? I use to SWEAR by Relaxed and Natural.. USE to.. But I got to looking around.. And all I saw was the palest white women you ever wanna see…. AND NOTHING ELSE!!  I mean, it looked as if they were trying to make SURE you know.. Negro, this is not a product for YOU!! And I think they rolled they eyes at me on the way out. So, I pretty much UNLIKED them pretty quickly.. I mean, there were 2 ‘black’ women on their entire SITE.. And I had to DIG to find them. AND all they could suggest was Relaxed and Natural… That’s it.. Well, they suggested the detangler and I think some mousse or something.. But basically they are tellin’ ya.. Their shampoos and conditioners are not for us.. But we are gonna make it fit… No ma’am.. I don’t think so. So I’mma leave Pantene right where it is.. And yes I know Aussie is made by Procter and Gamble just like Pantene.. I don’t like it, but I love Aussie.. So.. Until they piss me off, I’ll keep buying that brand.


Well, I guess I’m done for today. There will at some point be more to come.. 😀


Jen 😀


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