Friday 6/24/11

Friday 6/24/11

Well it’s Friday again. I went the week (almost!) without a rinse. Baggying = WINNING!! LoL!

Today, I did notice my hair wasn’t as spectacular as it was the rest of the week though. It was frizzy and kinda dry. Not sure why. It may be the fact that my cheap ass shower cap kept sliding up in the back letting all my moisture evaporate. Or maybe them’s the breaks of day 6 hair. I’m starting to see what people mean by numbering the days. Day 1 is either HIDEOUS for me or awesome. Day 7 is either “meh.” or “OH DEAR GOD!! TAKE ME TO THE WAWTA!” :p

I am learning so much about not just natural hair, but MY hair. What it likes or doesn’t like. It likes my Long Aid, which is pretty much water, aloe, and glycerin. Humidity, not a real issue yet. I imagine when it grows out and I start “styling” it, frizz may be an issue. But with this TWA thing going on, it’s the furthest thing from my mind. My curls are well defined, so at this length, I don’t need a product with “hold” to keep my hair curly. So no KCCC for me. Not to say I won’t test sone products with “hold”, it just means they are not a necessity. I do want to try the flax seed gel thing and I WILL try Ecostyler. But right now, I have so much stuff to use up, DH would probably get pissed if I buy anything else before I use some of this stuff up. I plan to have like a hair budget. $25 a month sounds reasonable to me. (Hey, I’m cheap!) But for now, I’m pretty well stocked. Especially with that Long Aid basket Keystone Labs sent my way. (THANKS!!) Plus I just bought my lotion and conditioners. Maybe by next month I’ll have used up enough to get more stuff to try. But I’m a big fan of “if it ain’t broke”. And, at this length at least, for right now what I have is working just fine. It’s cheap and simple. Plus everything is right here on the ground, so that makes it cheaper than cheap. 🙂

Well that’s all for now. Enjoy your curls!!




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