Long Aid Gift

Thursday 6/23/11

I finally got my gift from Keystone Labs! And they were more than generous! They sent a Long Aid gift basket with a 10oz jar AND 32oz jar of Long Aid!! FREE!! I would have taken a photo, but the big jar broke on the bottom and it leaked a little, so the little grass stuff they put in there looked kinda nasty. :p But this weekend I’ll clean everything up and snap a pic. But, I was shocked at such a nice gift. 🙂 They sent 2 soap samples, but I can’t use them because of my eczema. Their skin care line is Ultra Glow, if you’re curious.

And it’s time for the weekly DH insult. 🙂 Why do I even mention hair to that ass? Last night after work, I was feeling my hair, and baggying has really been helping my hair. It’s soft, the curls are defined, and it’s moisturized all day. I’m very pleased. Also I noticed I don’t get sticky midweek! No need for that rinse! Anyway, I messed around and said “my hair is really feeling good since I started sleeping in that shower cap.” *slaps self on forehead* He says, “But the cut is ugly. It really shows off yo’ flat head.”

Normally I’d feel bad, and it stings a little.. But I’m getting numb to his insults. I see the future of my fro. Like I did my locs. So say what you will, I love what The Almighty has given me. This cut is not perfect, but I’m not knocking it. I’m fine with it. And as it grows out I’ll be MORE fine with it. It’s a journey. Enjoy each step. 🙂

Well, that’s all for now. 🙂




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