And now that my hair has dried….

It is AWESOME!! My hair is so… SOFT!! And shiny.. Now I can’t get TOO happy. Like I said that Suave Captivating Curls is so full of dimethicone and I’m not sure what will happen with regular use and just cowashing. I’m afraid of having to shampoo my hair sooner or later, BUT. I must say I will be buying more of that product. Both products! I just used a LITTLE bit of the Olive Miracle under my Long Aid.. Well, let me tell ya what I used and how first off..


I deep conditioned/cowashed with the Captivating Curls conditioner. I left it on under a shower cap for about 2 hours, then massaged and rinsed. Then I applied leave in (Vo5 Moisture Milks) to semi sections of hair. (Nothing special, just actually made sure my hair got leave in all through out it.) Then I applied a LITTLE of the lotion to it. (The first time I had to re rinse my hair because I tried to put it on soaking wet hair and it just sat on top and started to run down my FACE like water, so from now on, no more soaking wet application of stuff. It just really does not work for my hair. Damp is better for me. Lesson learned. See we’re always learning. LoL!) I made sure to get it all over, but just a small amount. On top of that, my Long Aid. And I let it dry.

  I was planning to put a little more of the lotion in my hair  just to make sure it had enough moisture in it, but I was feeling it and it is so SOFT it felt like some of my hair must have fallen out, cause it can’t really be that soft with all this thickness! (It’s all still there, I checked.) But it is that soft, and shiny and it smells AWESOME! The little curls are well formed and springy and SOFT! Honestly, this is the best my hair has “ever” felt being natural. My hair has NEVER been this soft.. EVER!! I had said Aussie had this product beat, well maybe they are neck in neck. I’m not sure if it’s the Captivating Curls or the Olive Miracle that is doing this thang. But I’ll know next week when I’ll be using the Aussie Moist in the routine. Same routine, just with Aussie. Now Aussie is no muggle either mind you. It leaves my hair really soft, but I’ve been feeling like something is missing. Like something in my routine is just not there. Well, I think I’ve found it. I can’t complain. Not sure how it will look tomorrow or how it will FEEL tomorrow, but right now I am one happy soul. I wish yall could TOUCH my hair. i am so proud of it right now. And to know it’s no process “making” it “like this”… That feels even better..

What feels REALLY good, is knowing that I got all.. ALL my products I used in this for $17.. COMPLETE! The conditioner, leave-in, the coconut oil, the lotion, AND the styler.. EVERYTHING.. ROUNDING UP TO THE NEAREST DOLLAR… Everything was under $20!! I’m telling yall, I get sucked into hype myself. I buy things because everyone raves about them and sometimes you find gold! (Aussie Moist. around $5 for the 33oz pump) And sometimes you find meh…. (KeraCare each product cost about $17 for 8 ozs. and there’s nothing really special there. I though the defining custard was a dream product, until I woke up with flakes and crunch and had to wash my hair AGAIN! The other products, the hair milk and butter cream are just meh…) And SOMETIMES you find crap. (I’ve heard some real stories about Miss Jessie’s, Carol’s Daughter, and Kinky Curly.. Plus early in my natural journey with locs, I bought some shampoo from Naani Naturals and that stuff could strip the chrome off a bumper! And all these products are EXPENSIVE AS HELL for not so hot results. I mean you can add up everything in my hair arsenal and it would be just one JAR of their products!) But you have to TRY the cheap stuff. Walk the hair isle at Walmart, CVS, Walgreen, Rite Aid- Where EVER you are on the ground and read the labels. If the ingredients look good, TRY it. You just might find your own $2 miracle product!! And you can be gushin’ and you done saved you some money and you lookin’ all good and braggin’ bout how you did your hair for under $20.. And not $20 per TIME, that is $20 for a whole SYSTEM of stuff!! STUFF THAT WORKS! (Not like Wen.. Just sellin’ cowashes and hair grease to folks that don’t know no better..  LoL!)

  OK, I’m done gushing.. Just remember to look for the products and give em a try. Next time you have a 20 to spare..

*Suave Captivating Curls conditioner (They sell other products too, a curling mousse, a spray gel, of course the shampoo.)

*Vo5 Moisture Milks (or any light CHEAP conditioner of your choice. You could get Tressame (I know I BUTCHERED that spelling, but you know what I mean.), or even Suave Naturals! Just any light cheap conditioner you like.) This is the leave in conditioner. Or that’s what I used it for.

African Pride Olive Miracle Moisturizing Lotion. (It’s located in the black isle with the African Pride perms. yeah, i almost missed it because of that.) This is a wonderful oil based cream lotion with NO petroleum. There is dimethicone, but it’s in the last ingredients. Not very much of it in the product. When I tried to use it on soaking wet hair, water rinsed it right out, so it’s easily gotten rid of.

Cooking Oil for sealing. I don’t care if it’s vegetable oil or my fave coconut oil. Hit that cooking isle. Those oils are great for hair too!! I use to use peanut oil before starting coconut oil. I use LouAna coconut oil. it’s just maybe $6 with tax for 32oz. No smell, just much shine and healthy hair you’ll get. 🙂 If you’re really scared of the idea of smelling like food, you can stay in the hair isle, but keep it cheap! Read the labels, find the good stuff.. There is good stuff under $5.. You just have to look for it.

Styler. Now this is tricky. I love Long Aid and with the new hair lotion I found I like it even MORE! This is my styler. I will one day try EcoStyler gel. But Smooth n Shine proved not all gels define curls. So.. if ecostyler is just like Smooth n Shine, thankfully it’s cheap. I honestly have NO use for styling gel otherwise. I don’t slick my edges.. Just not the type. Sorry.. :p Maybe one day I’ll try it to see how it looks, but not right now.

If your styler of choice makes crunchy hair, add some of  that hair lotion. I bet it will clear that crunch right up.. Long as it’s not flaky crunch, then all can cure that crap is water. LoL!


I am just really happy about these products and i wanna share my joy. But I’mma leave yall alone for now.. Don’t want to be too pushy… (Handing you your car keys and pushing you out the door..)




Jen :p




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