A new blog.. Well, a very old blog…

But I never use it, so what the hell.. Figured I’d break this sucker in today. LoL!

Well, it’s a quite Sunday. Very uneventful. I’ve just set up some bills to be paid, watched a little TV and some YouTube videos. It’s been STORMING here, so luckily I didn’t have to go anywhere today. Just lounged around like I do pretty much EVERY weekend lately, as DH has been working weekends and he takes the car.. Fine by me.. I can chill out. I have no where to be.. Take the car, daddy-o.. LoL! :p


What’s Rebel up to? Well, she is actually pretty calm right now. After a deep condition yesterday she has been all soft. Even DH with his hating eyes said she was soft. I thought a mid week rinse was a good idea last week and found it actually left my hair so.. SO dry.  I’m not sure if it was the low humidity that day (It was less than 50%, I think it was like 47%) and I use Long Aid which is practically gelled GLYCERIN!! LoL! Low humidity and glycerin equals a good possibility your hair is gonna be dry. It wasn’t so bad that I’d give up my Long Aid, because it is for now one of my Holy Grail products, but I think I’ll skip that mid week rinse and Long Aid rinses so clean with just water that it will actually make your hair as dry as it would if you WASHED it because all your product is GONE! I mean, my hair felt like first day hair. (With type 4 hair, sometimes day one hair feels rough and a little hard, and maybe by day 3 your hair starts to get ‘right’.) Stripped clean. Good show for my Long Aid being natural and all.. Sucks for my mid week rinse. LoL! So no more rinsing.. Just my weekly cowash and daily wetting.

My routine. My routine is fairly simple. I’ve laid it out here , but I’ve never put it here, and you know we naturals LOVE gushing about out hair and our products and all that.. So here goes.

A little back ground info first, I won’t go too deep. Just the last month or so.. I was locked up until May 21st. I had been locked for almost 6 years and felt that chapter of my life was over and it was time for a change. I picked my locks apart for the most part, but the last 9 in the back, I figured I can make a style.. I’m DONE picking. my hands were tired. My hair was TIRED.. My HEAD was TIRED.. I WAS TIRED! So I just chopped them. And it was a DISASTER. Not the fact that I cut them off.. The WAY I cut them off made it a disaster. The back was WAY too short for the length of the front. My head is flat as sh*t in the back and extra short hair.. You got like a weird drop off thing going on, and that was not cute. So Ok. Anyway, after looking a hot mess and being all fu*ked up for a week, I figured the reason it looked so weird  was because the sides were so long.  Anyway after two weeks of snippy snippy, I’m looking kind of normal now. so all that’s left is to grow and do any additional shaping as necessary. Rebel (My fro) is pretty happy. 🙂


Ok. On to the routine. I cowash exclusively. I’ll use either Vo5 Moisture Milks in Passion Fruit Smoothie or Strawberries and Cream. I wish they sold a peaches n cream, but not. OR Aussie Moist. The Aussie Moist is new. I used it a long time ago when I was relaxed and it just didn’t “woo” me. Now after a revisit.. Actually before it may have just been Aussie.. This is the Moist line, so maybe that’s why it’s so much better. Anyway, I love the Moist. It is so moisturizing. Anyway, once a week I co wash.. I do it several different ways. Sometimes I just do it in the shower. I wet my hair and apply the product, detangle and just let it sit while I shower, then rinse it out. Then sometimes, I’ll wet my hair apply product and let it sit under a plastic cap until I’m ready to wash it out either separately or in the shower. OR I’ll apply it (And by it, I mean my conditioner.) to my DRY hair. Detangle and let it sit under a plastic cap ( or BAG if I’m out of caps. yes.. Walmart bags..) until I’m ready to rinse.  You can cowash however you want. it’s really versitile- ESPECIALLY on short hair!


OK, once I’m all rinsed out, I put in Vo5 as a leave-in. Just maybe a quarter size dollop for the back half and one for the front. Rub it in really good. I don’t really towel dry my hair. I let it drip out. With my low porosity hair, it really doesn’t hold water that long. At this point, I seal with coconut oil IF I’m not going to add a lotion or anything. If I add lotion/hair milk, I seal after that.


Lastly, I add my Long Aid Activator Gel.. I LOVE this stuff! It is so moisturizing. And it really defines curls and pretty much lasts all day. As long as I don’t over do it, i can apply it daily and not get much build up. And as I’ve mentioned, it rinses out with WATER!! You just can’t beat that. Not too many other products can claim that.

And I just fluff and pick with my fingers until I get the desired shape and… Done.. And it pretty much lasts all week. So that’s 6 or 7 day hair! LoL!

At night, I put in hair milk or lotion (by lotion, think pink lotion.. Just not pink lotion. I’ve been using KeraCare hair milk but it was just a sample so that’s gonna run out eventually and I’ll need a replacement, which will likely be a lotion type product or cream.) and cover with my satin bonnet.

To refresh, I just either spritz my hair. (water, coconut/peanut oil, fragrance) or just wet it with water, seal with coconut oil  if it needs it, and add a little dollop of Long Aid.


And that’s it. A whole week of cute fro. I only comb my hair once a week. When I’m cowashing. The rest of the week, I DO NOT COMB! It causes excess breakage and bad frizz. When you have curly hair, it’s best to keep combing to a MINIMUM. Comb hair when you wash/cowash the rest of the week, finger style. Your hair will thank you for it.

Personal thoughts. DH.. Wants to be involved in my hair situation. But his idea of what to do with my hair is SOOOOO not what I want to do. He wanted me to perm it before I even cut it!! I was like.. REALLY? I mean his FIRST suggestion was to put a light perm in it.. When i said NO. He FLIPPED!! And his reason… “Your hair is not that good. All people with ‘your type’ of hair can do is an afro. And that ain’t hittn’ on sh*t.”

Really…. An afro is bad? Hmmm.. Let me tell you about him.. He’s like a 3a or at tightest a 3c.. Maybe a 3b.. Anyway. Apparently, ‘my type’ of hair is so horrible because it’s not silky or the curls are not big.


I say BUNK! BUNK!! I love my hair. Love it! I love the kinks the curls, the fro… I love it. And as it molds and grows into a beautiful loose head of hair, I love it even more. I can’t wait to see her through all her stages. Just like with the locs. they grew from babies, to teens.. to wonderful mid- back length velvet ropes in just under 6 years… and I enjoyed each stage.. Well, right now my Rebel is a baby fro. Newly born.. Ready for the world.. I can’t wait til she is all grown up. Wonder how long she’ll get? how big will she grow? Can’t wait.. But I CAN WAIT! LoL!

OK, now I’m done. 🙂

 Enough ranting..







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