Back After a LONG Break!

Well, I’ve been gone for a long time, and I can’t say I’ve been a good little Naturalista. I’ve moved into a new home (first time home owner! Yay!!) Which is a LOT of work. The house itself needs a lot of work, plus actually moving, and just general busyness.. Long story short, my hair is a MESS!! Not to mention weight that I did NOT need to gain! LoL! But right now, we’ll stick to the hair. 🙂


Since I’ve been busy with everything from mowing a very tall, very THICK, very LARGE yard, doing electrical, scheduling repairs, traveling back and forward between the new place and the old one, getting all the mail moved (FYI, small town postal service SUCKS in this day and age..) I’ve been wearing my hair in a puff or a fluffy fro. Well, it started out cute. I began with my regular curly “bob”, then the puff, then a nice big fro.. And it slowly over the last month transformed itself into a tangled, matted, DRY mess!! I mean, I assumed I was going to have to shave my HEAD at one point!! But I was able to get some of the mats out, not all yet, but I’m picking through them as I find one. And let me tell ya, these are some BIG MATS!! I was locking again!! It’s just pretty horrible right now. It looks a little better, but I’m far from back..


So, what to do? Well… First off I know I’m going to lose a lot of length. That is a given. My hair is so tangled that I’m going to tear a good portion out once I get all the way through it. I’ll likely trim it even if necessary. Yeah. I know.. Losing all those years of length. But you do the crime, you have to do the time. 🙂


So step one is getting all the matted hair out. I did some yesterday, but I was in a rush, so it was pretty half assed. I just cowashed and finger detangled as best I could with the time I had. I have to actually let the conditioner soak in and little by little comb the mats out. I know it is going to take HOURS, but I think I’ll survive it. After that assess how damaged it is and decide whether or not it needs trimming. I HOPE not, but if it does I won’t hesitate. And that will take care of the first steps to a healthy head of hair..


Next thing, I am going on a growth mission. Or rather a healthy hair mission. Well, actually a healthy SELF mission, but again that is another story. Just the hair.. I am going to do the whole nine- co washing and detangling WEEKLY, shampooing once a month, deep conditioning at least once a month, more often if necessary, being extra EXTRA gentle while detangling. I’m not a protective styling type of person, but I may even give that a shot. Moisturizing regularly, which I pretty much do anyway. I wet my hair daily to get it to act right, so that’s moisture and I do seal occasionally. I’m low porosity, so as long as I get the moisture in, it pretty much stays there and oils and creams just sit on top of my hair, so they don’t do any good anyway. I have to use clear products or very thin products for them to actually do any good, so activator is likely to be my best friend these days. My routine is simple and it always has been and I don’t see a reason to spend money on stuff that doesn’t work, however I may purchase a good deep conditioner at least in the beginning. I am already taking vitamins daily, and I MAY actually try a hair supplement. Do they work? Probably not, but it doesn’t hurt anything to try.


My goals. Well, I just really want healthy hair first off, but let’s keep it real. We all want that long hair. And my goal is at least waist length. I’m 35 years old now. I don’t need to be waiting until I’m 50 to see that dream fulfilled. Ain’t nobody got time… Well.. You know the saying.. 🙂


More as it unravels..


~ J


Back and Trying All KINDS of NEW Stuff!!!

Well, not really.. Yall know I ain’t got dimes for that. :p

But I have been playing with my hair more.

One thing most natural know is after a time.. Your hair get boring…

Really… REALLLLLY boring!! I mean..tedious even!! I have gotten to a state where I don’t even want to wash or detangle or.. NOTHING my hair!  I DO occassionaly cowash my hair nowadays, so I was able to make that work… But most often when I cowash, I don’t bother to detangle..

Now some will say, well thatl’s good. You’re not manipulating your hair much. Helps with length retention.  But I’m pretty sure I end up breaking more hair when I DO comb it out because it gets tangled… But then again… It does seem to be longer… So.. Maybe my laziness is actually helping  me reach my length goals.

But enough of my laziness…  No I will not perm or cut my hair so it ain’t that kinda party. I had a friend suggest my hair would be so BEAUTIFUL flat ironed. And I was like girl.. just bye… LoL! So I still love my natural hair, but with Winter and dry forced heat, my hair is dry and crispy more often than not and my curls aren’t always plump and juicy unless they are wet, and honestly I’m sick of walkiing around with wet Jheri curl ass hair! LoL! So, with more length comes options..

And in comes banding.. Bands, will not ONLY make her dance, but they will stretch your fro out to  new lengths! I actually tried the banding as mini pineapples, but my hair isn’t long enough to really do it right. So instead of preserving my curls, it just made my hair really  REALLY big!! I  got more complements than I ever have because of that giant ass hair! Loved it.. My hair was soft and fluffy..

But the next week, I did my cowash and didn’t detangle and it wasn’t as big and as the days and weeks went on it just looked nappy (In a BAD unkept way.) and I was desperate.. I ACTUALLY tried a petroleum ladened product that I hate and twisted my hair with it.

And it wasn’t bad.. I mean that product still sucks, but the twists came out pretty good…

So in comes TWISTNG.. Which is what I’ve done this week.

But first.. My hair was dry.. Hard… Crunchy.. And that wasn’t the EcoStyler talking either!! My hair needed some moisture and TLC. Tresemme Naturals is great, but honestly I just needed something more moisturizing..

In comes products I don’t like..

PLus oil…

I mixed my Tresemme Moisture Rich Conditioner,  some Hello Hydration, vegeteble oil in my jar of  Soft n Free Milk Protein and Olive Oil. (There was still a little of it in the jar.) Once mixed I shampooed with my Loreal EverCReme, and applied Tresemme naturals to my freshly washed hair. I just felt I should get SOME moisture in there before I added this oil and silicone ladened mixture. I’m sorry I just don’t like cones. LoL! But to use up that stuff I’d risk it.. A little.

Well, at first it felt kinda bad.. So I was like.. OK.. This was a complete waste of my damn time. But since it was in there now, may as well settle in and let it work..

AND WORK IT DID!! When I rinsed it out, my hair was light and soft and felt really moisturized. So I was happy with that.

I decided I was going to twist my hair up this week. Not so much for a “twist out” but just to preserve and stretch my curls out a little. So right now, I sit in twists.

To twist, I used my trusty Long Aid Activator gel as a moisturizer, and Eco krystal for hold and definition. I haven’t added any oils yet, as on day one I never do. I actually can’t wait to see how my first “twist out” comes out.

I know this isn’t very interesting, but hopefully I’ll have some new products soon. I’ve been hearing about this Aunt Jackie stuff and it’s affordable AND available at get this… THE DOLLAR STORE!! Not sure if it’s around these parts yet, but I can’t wait to try it. Unlike Miss Jessie’s it is PETROLEUM FREE!! And just about 5-10 bucks a jar/bottle. I’m still not crazy about creamy stylers, but if I’m gonna be twisting now, I am willig to give a good Vaseline free product a fair shot. 🙂

I’ll upload some photos in a seperate post, as for SOME reason, I can’t do it here.. Seriously?

Anyway, photos to come. 🙂